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Now, we all know that search engines have troubles with non-text-based documents. So when Yahoo opened Yahoo Podcasts almost two years ago, it looked like things were looking up for finding downloadable and streamed audio broadcasting on the Internet. But now it looks as though Yahoo is changing its mind, with the announcement that they’re closing up shop on October 31:

Yahoo to pull podcasts

Right after Yahoo Podcasts opened, it looked as though podcasting were a bubble, when “28% of the people surveyed were aware of podcasting, but only 2% actually listened to podcasts.” However, two years later, podcasting is still around and continues to become more popular, even being used on college campuses. Six months ago, podcasting growth was up 18%—37% had heard of podcasting, and 13% had listened one. So why back out now?

Although they “apologize deeply,” Yahoo offers no explanation or reason for the shut down. It may be part of the predicted downsizing in Yahoo.

But don’t worry, loyal Pilgrims! You can always find the Marketing Pilgrim Podcast right here!


  • I’ve heard of them, but personally not listened to one. I guess I’ve had no need to thus far. I’m sure that will change and I doubt that will be the end of Podcasts.

  • Interesting – I didn’t know Yahoo Podcasts existed. But your point about podcasts coming into their own is valid. Other research has also pointed this out:
    – 27% say podcasts influence their technology purchases (Universal McCann, 2006)
    – Over 30% of study respondents downloaded one or more podcasts as part of their research (TechTarget and CMO Council, IT Media Consumption Trends and IT Buyer Purchase Intention, April 2007)

    Maybe Yahoo!’s focus on only podcasts and not all types of audio and video formats contributed to the low awareness for their service offering?

  • Good Luck Yahoo

  • yahoo podcasts was started but no work was done to make it better. submitted podcasts were not listed and some listed more than once and many other issues. looks like yahoo never paid any attention to this.
    and yes, i think podcasts is a buble:)

  • It’ll be hard for me to miss Yahoo Podcasts since I’ve never used the system. It would be interesting to learn why Yahoo closed the doors, though I imagine we won’t be finding out.

    Does anyone know how many were using Yahoo Podcasts. All of the podcasts I listen to are produced by sites like this one that I read regularly. I haven’t ever searched for a podcast though.

  • Podcasting is slower than anticipated probably due to the computer being put to many other uses. It perhaps is not generating enough revenues for the likes of the “shareholders” and so the withdrawl?

  • I did visit Yahoo! Podcasts once soon after it launch. Never really used it since I’m not much of a podcast listener. The closing down is probably part of a “predicted downsizing in Yahoo” as you said. They recently closed their Yahoo! Photos service, we might see other not-so-popular Yahoo services closing soon.