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Google Blogoscoped reports on a recent sighting: Yahoo experimenting with a video “onebox” shortcut on selected music queries. Blogoscoped spotted it working for Rammstein, and I’ve seen Hot Hot Heat, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Queen (but not Flight of the Conchords, the Beatles or the Monkees…).

yahoo shortcut video onebox

The text links in the box take you to the official site, and Yahoo music for albums, lyrics and videos. You can play individual songs from the shortcut box itself and the video results are unique in that they play within the SERP in a “lightbox” effect.

yahoo shortcut video onebox yahoo music exclusive opening in serp

Can it compete with Universal Search? You tell me:
google universal results for the same query

While there is a video result from YouTube down at #8, I’ve gotta say that Yahoo’s SERP is cooler, though I’m a little sad there’s nothing for the Beatles.

  • They just launched a new Yahoo Music Beta so I imagine this is to help push people to the new site. So far, I am very pleased with the new site and hope that these results do get pushed into their search results.

  • Could it be the birth of Yahoo! Universal Search?

  • Great news for yahoo users but i will stay at google:)

  • @bushido

    I read an interview of a yahoo search engineer recently commenting on the fact that it is in the works, Yahoo! Universal Search that is.

  • It makes sense Brian. After all Google is doing it and so is Ask. And Yahoo already is integrating other properties into their results.

    Jordan, I must be one of the unlucky ones since I’m not seeing all the shortcuts. hot hot heat does bring up some news shortcuts, but I’m not getting the audio. Most of the other searches are just bringing up the usual search results for me.

    I’ll have to keep checking.

  • @ Brian Chappell:

    Looks like I nailed it! Haha. Could you please send a link to said interview?

    Many thanks!