T-Mobile UK Spends $300,000+ Per Week on Search

T-Mobile UK shared advice and experience on search marketing with WebTrends Engage attendees.

Check out how much the company spends on paid search!

T-Mobile UK's SEO Campaign

Wouldn’t you love to earn the 10% management fee on that budget! ;-)

Video: Post-It Notes Waterfall by Eepybird

At the WebTrends Engage conference Eepybird–the wacky guys behind the Diet Coke/Mentos experiments–provided a sneak-peak at their next experiment.

Watch what the guys can do with a few thousand Post-It notes.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

They plan to put together experiments with hundreds of thousands of the sticky colored notes.

You saw it here first!

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Facebook Rumor: A New MySpace

Facebook is working on a platform for bands that will be launched later this year. This was reported on paidContent.org. They said that the rumor was started yesterday morning.

According to the rumors, Facebook will offer more to bands than MySpace does. They will let bands and labels to create pages, and let them embed custom widgets to market their events and music.

Widgets are hot right now with popular widgets selling for thousands just weeks after they are launched. The most popular widget on Facebook is iLike. Sources say the widget will be like that plus there will also be an iTunes widget for listening to clips from songs. Later you’ll be able to buy music too. Instead of being busy and being flashy, the Facebook pages will be more no-nonsense. Facebook is contacting music labels to gather support for the service.

IBM and Google Launch Cluster Computing Initiative

IBM and Google announced a new initiative to offer free education and facilitate collaboration on software programming at universities. They plan to open data centers for students to program in what is called “cloud computing.” They call it the “academic cluster computing initiative” and gets large groups of students together to collaborate and write code online.

The two companies have donated the hardware, software, and services. The initiative is already working at the University of Washington. Next, on to Carnegie-Mellon University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Maryland. They are also offering services to the public and want to make complex processes more efficient.

Google Maps Expands Street View

Google Maps continues to expand its Street View to include six new cities:

  • Chicago (some high res)
  • Pittsburgh
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix (high res)
  • Portland
  • Tucson (high res)

Notice a ‘P’ theme?

In addition to some high resolution photos, Google added the ability to pan up now. They give the example of the Sears Tower (in Chicago). You can actually continue to pan up past the buildings and see what it would be like to lay on your back in the middle of S Upper Wacker Dr.

I snagged some comparison shots for you:
as high as Google Maps Street View will go in New York: about the second story
195 Broadway in New York City—just the first 2 or 2.5 stories

as high as Google Maps Street View will go in Philly: church spires
Church spires on Broad St in Philadelphia

the majestic Empire State Building: the first three floors.
The Majestic Empire State Building: the first three floors.

Google Buys Jaiku: GooKuTwo?

Google and Jaiku = gooku(two)Less than two weeks after Google acquired Zingku, a mobile social network, they announce that Google has acquired Jaiku.

The name isn’t the only similarity between the two recent purchases. Like Zingku, Jaiku is designed to appeal to mobile users. As Jaiku states in the acquisition FAQ:

Jaiku is an activity stream and presence sharing service that works from the Web and mobile phones. Jaiku, Ltd. was founded in February, 2006 by Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen from Finland. The service was released on the Web in July 2006. Jaiku is based in Helsinki.

Oh. It’s like Twitter, then? Your Jaiku activity stream can include text messages, photos, events, recommendation, etc. So perhaps it’s Facebook+Twitter? (In case you’re wondering, Jyri is pronounced a little like “Yuri,” with the ‘r’ rolled. Except we don’t have the Finnish vowel ‘y’ in English. Well, rather than launch into a Finnish linguistics lesson, let’s focus, shall we?)

Age Discrimination Case Against Google Is Reinstated

A former manager who sued Google for age discrimination will get another day in court. Brian Reid is 54 and claims a supervisor told him his opinions were “too old to matter,” and that he was forced out of his job.

Brian Reid says Google discriminates against older employees. He cites examples that younger managers got better reviews and pay compared to older managers. Now he has another chance to prove his case in court. This isn’t a new case – Reid sued Google in July of 2004 but it never went to trial. California’s Sixth District Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday that the case be re-opened. They believe there is enough evidence to move forward with a jury trial.