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A former manager who sued Google for age discrimination will get another day in court. Brian Reid is 54 and claims a supervisor told him his opinions were “too old to matter,” and that he was forced out of his job.

Brian Reid says Google discriminates against older employees. He cites examples that younger managers got better reviews and pay compared to older managers. Now he has another chance to prove his case in court. This isn’t a new case – Reid sued Google in July of 2004 but it never went to trial. California’s Sixth District Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday that the case be re-opened. They believe there is enough evidence to move forward with a jury trial.

Reid was director of operations for Google before he was fired. After leaving, he said he found out that was replaced by someone in their 30s. Getting a job at Google is a dream for most. Most of the news from inside the Googleplex is glowing however, and the company is sought after because of its culture of innovation, intellectualism, and youth.

The suit was previously dismissed two years ago in 2005. Google won’t say why Reid was fired except that the program he was working on was canceled. He said the reason is that he didn’t fit into Google’s culture. Employees and supervisors made comments about him being too old to be at the company.

Reid is suing for back pay and punitive damages. When he lost his job he was making $200,000 a year plus stock options valued at millions of dollars.

  • i think its wrong to fire someone as they’re considered ‘old’, not even in a environment that thrive on youth & innovation. they could have settled out of court, this only bring bad light to google who is turning out to be another ‘microsoft’