Posted October 23, 2007 9:44 am by with 6 comments

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It seems AOL wasn’t too serious about dropping the “AOL” part from their future products. After some beta testing, AOL is today launching MyAOL (a customizable mobile desktop) and a regular mobile portal for those not into the whole tweaking thing.

The portal includes the type of news, entertainment, and sports content that is available on the desktop version of the portal…it features AOL’s mobile search technology that returns tailored results for mobile users. For example, if a mobile user searches for a music artist, the first results may be ringtones. In addition, AOL’s search crawls an index of sites designed for mobile use, so it will return those sites near the top of the list.

Also launching today, a mobile shopping service–enter a barcode and comparison shop from your phone–and MyMobile–a downloadable app for Windows Mobile users.

Of course, none of this stuff is revolutionary.

  • It’s like Yahoo! did.

  • Is there any hard numbers on how many people use their cell phones for searches. I know I do, but its more so to pass the time.

  • @Richard – I’m sure the data’s out there somewhere. If I find it, I’ll add it here.

  • Sounds good, thanks Andy. By the way your free book was awesome and helped out a lot!

  • Cool, thanks.

  • Is cell phone searching really time-efficient and effective? As in do you get a sense of the results in such an itty bitty screen? I would find it a little bit cramped.