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I just had to share this image today because it gave me a good chuckle. I did a search for “google adwords editor” today on Google to ensure that I had the latest version downloaded, and the following AdWords ad appeared:

WTF Adwords Ad

I swear that I did not alter that image in any way. I can only assume that the editors at Google are either: a) just too backlogged to have even noticed this yet or b) laughed their pants off that someone actually wrote an ad like this and just let it go. Either way, it’s still funny.

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  • I see weird stuff like this all f the time. It usually gets caught down the road.

  • Google bans sites from Adsense if they have a WTF in content:) but when its Adwords, everyone is welcome to spend some cash for Google…

  • Janet, it could just be a weekend thing and will probably be gone tomorrow. Definitely now that you’ve called attention to it.

    Still a good and funny find.

  • Jab

    It`s gone now…funny find!

  • Funny stuff – but the question is how “funny” will the new round of hidden holiday ad minimum bids be? – it’s already started for this year. Guess that’s what happens when you need to hit those estimates for investors, and the sad thing is people still seem to be lining up to spend the money! Maybe making google a 501 (c) 3 charity would be easier for everyone – then we can all just donate….afterall, it’s all about relevance right?!

  • Knowing that Google does have a particular way of communicating to their customers, they’ll probably let this one slide.

  • Nick

    I found one that was just as bad if not worse the other day. email me and I’ll send it to you to post

  • Well, that is pretty funny, but I’ve had a not-so-funny experience with them recently. They said I could not use the word “absinthe” in my ad, yet hypocritically took NO action against people with ads actually SELLING absinthe! simply Google “buy absinthe” and you can see they haven’t taken down one single other “absinthe” advertsier! I’m currently arguing my case right now with them, but they’re being extremely rude and not answereing questions in the messages relayed thus far…

  • Here is the latest version of the ad

    Is AdWords Screwing You?
    Why Haven’t AdWords Advertisers
    been Told These 37 Facts? Why…?

    Funny stuff.