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How many hours on average does a person watch online in a month? comScore Video Metrix says almost 75 percent watched an average of three hours. Those numbers are for July. Where are people going to watch online video? Mainly on Google’s YouTube. Google was both the highest in unique watchers and for the most videos watched.

YouTube was started in 2005 by former Paypal employees. In just two years its become part of our culture. Google bought it just last year – a search engine company – and like everyone is looking for ways to cash in on the traffic. They’ve tried AdSense on and off. I haven’t seen reports on profitability but it certainly has market share as this research shows.

YouTube averages nearly 20 million visitors per month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. And the demographic is around 44% are female, 56% male, and the dominant group is 12- to 17-year-olds. I’m sure that will evolve over time, especially as more universities post lectures.

Here are some more findings:
• In the US we viewed more than 9 billion videos online during July, and went to Google for nearly 2.5 billion of them.
• About 2.4 billion of those were viewed on
• Yahoo was a far second with 390 million videos (4.3 percent).
• The length of the online videos was an average of 2.7 minutes.
• The average person watched 68 videos a month, or more than two per day.

Fox Interactive Media had 298 million (3.3 percent) videos viewed, and Viacom Digital with 281 million (3.1 percent) was next.
Almost 134 million, or three in four of US Internet users in the US viewed online video in July.

  • If a site I normally visit embeds a video I’ll often watch, but almost never do I visit sites like YouTube actively seeking videos.

  • I myself only go there for business purposes.

  • >>The average person watched 68 videos a month, or more than two per day.

    In my case, that’s actually only the number of YouTube links I receive via my friends e-mails ; )