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Today is Blog Action Day. What’s that, I hear you ask? It’s an effort to encourage bloggers to discuss the environment on October 15th–that’s today! This is Marketing Pilgrim’s post in support.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

If you use WordPress, you probably have many favorite plug-ins, but there’s one that you probably take for granted–Akismet.

Akismet does a great job of filtering out spam comments–which includes many unsolicited and unrelated promos for other web sites. Without Akismet, Marketing Pilgrim would have been subject to close to 25,000 spam comments.

What if you could get something like Akismet for all that junk mail you receive? Not only would your mail be easier to sort though–giving you more time–but it would cut down on the number of trees wasted each year.

Stop Junk Mail, Save the Trees

How many trees are destroyed globally each year? About 32 million acres–or the size of Georgia (or Greece, if you need a non-US comparison). An average of 41 pounds of junk mail are sent to every American each year, with 44% of this mail going into a landfill unopened.

While there’s not an offline version of Akismet, you can still cut down the amount of junk mail you receive. Here’s how US residents can reduce the waste.

The Direct Marketing Association consumer web site and both provide options to have you name removed from direct mailing lists. This will cut down on the amount of wasted paper–and maybe save a few more acres of forests.

The marketer in me hesitates to suggest cutting the legs out from under a fellow marketer–after all direct marketing is big business–but the amount of junk that comes through my door, far outweighs any pangs of guilt that hit me.

Besides, the less effective direct mail becomes, the more money that will be spent online. 😉

I hope you’ll join in the effort. Leave your environment-saving ideas below, or leave a link back to your own tips for Blog Action Day.