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image The San Francisco Chronicle has an inspiring article on the growth of professional blogs and blog networks–inspiring that is, if you want to make money from blogging.

Of course, whenever a story is written about blogs that make money, you have to include TechCrunch…

…TechCrunch has a full-time staff of eight. This year, it hired a CEO. In August, 1.25 million people visited TechCrunch or its affiliated blogs at least once, according to comScore Inc. It brings in $240,000 per month in advertising, according to Arrington, and pulls in additional revenue from conferences and parties. Most important of all, TechCrunch is in the black.

But, there are many other success stories too…

The enterprise has emerged as Sugar Inc., with a staff of 56, including about 40 in editorial. About 5 million people visit Sugar blogs every month, a number that is growing more than 10 percent a month.

This all segues nicely into an update on Marketing Pilgrim. 😉

I’ve recently started organizing the site (and a couple others) under the brand “The Pilgrim Network” and I’m putting together some plans that involve the launch of new blogs in 2008. Stay tuned, when I finally get this book finished, I’ll have more to share. 😉

  • Andy, I’m looking forward to the book and now the new network. I realize you may not want to share just yet, but will the network be made up only of new Marketing Pilgrim sites or will you be including other existing blogs?

  • @Steven – good question. At this stage the plan is to look at other verticals that could use the “pilgrim touch.”

  • I look forward to the expansion. You know what they say, if your not growing, your dieing.

  • andy, i think its good time to start new quality blogs. the blog bubble is over, more than half of the blogs started are not continued. only successful blogs will remain and it is an opportunity for new blogs.

  • Yup blog nowadays are more detailed than before and had more inside info…hope the move won’t lost the personal touch…MP have on it’s readers…. I am looking more onto that…move…

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