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Just yesterday it seems (okay, to my knowledge it really was yesterday) that the only way to subscribe to comments on a Blogger or Blogspot blog was to click on the link posted at the bottom of all post pages:
old subscribe to comments from blogger

But now on the Blogger comments window, they’ve added a new option, if you’re signed in:

blogger email subscribe to comments

Subscribe to Comments is one of the most-requested WordPress plugins. Now it looks like Google has integrated that popular feature into its blog software.

If you’re hoping to turn this off for your Blogger-based blog, for now it looks like you’re out of luck. There doesn’t appear to be any control over the setting in Blogger. However, rest assured that only signed-in users can subscribe to comments.

Update: Google confirms that this feature was added last night.

  • Good old Blogger, just 3 years behind everyone else. 😉

  • But Andy they needed to collect all the facts before committing to such a big change.

    A little more control would probably be nice for those that prefer not to have it, but as long as the box isn’t checked by default there really isn’t any reason not to include the email subscription.

  • It’s really great news.

  • This is great news for people like me

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  • I just recently took out a blog on and it has this. I think that it is a positive thing to have, so you don’t have to go to the blog all the time to check for comments.
    Rick Marnon, Howell
    [link removed]

  • Blogger may continue following up some other features of WordPress plugins.

  • I use this feature alot due to the bogger site being blocked at college. but i have a problem nowone is viewing my blog. I ping on technorarti and i use tags with every post but nowone is yet to look at it and i dont see a point to carrying on if nowone can see it. Can you please help me

  • It would be nice if blogger caught up with the other blog platforms like wordpress.