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Even as its Media Rating Council audit goes forward, comScore announces their newest service: comScore Marketer. comScore describes it as, “a new interactive search intelligence service that enables search marketers and Web site operators to benchmark their performance versus competitors and optimize the ROI from their search marketing efforts,” which, eliminating the buzz words, basically means a new competitive intelligence tool.

However, this service offers more in-depth knowledge than I’ve seen from any other competitive intelligence tool. It’s not just for snooping out which keywords your competitors are bidding on. Among other things, it identifies where their actual clicks are coming from.

Of this feature, comScore says: “One of the key benefits of comScore Marketer is the ability to perform competitive analysis of a market based on organic and paid click-thrus.” They give an example chart showing which sites get the most organic and paid click-throughs for a given keyword.

comScore states that the service will enable marketers to:

  • Create more efficient and cost-effective campaigns using paid and organic search terms.
  • Identify high performing search terms at a site and category level.
  • Analyze searchers and the use of search terms by demographic segment.
  • Discover high-potential consumer segments and pinpoint the optimal search sites and search terms to reach them.
  • Find out who is competing on search terms to identify prime affiliate marketing partners.
  • Maximize the ROI of search and online marketing investments.

In the press release, Dan Lackner, senior vice president of comScore, says, “The granular information on both searchers and search terms available through this service empowers users with actionable search marketing intelligence.”

Based on comScore’s panel methodology, the click behavior they observe is supposed to be a representative sample of Internet behavior at large. The MRC audit is designed to judge how accurate their measurements are against the general population, as well as ensure that they are internally consistent.

  • Anyone gotten a quote? I see no mention of expense which usually means it’s pretty expensive. was recently released out of private beta and looks to be pretty useful for not to big of a price tag.

  • “If you have to ask, you probably cant afford it”


  • wow, this is great news, compete searchanalytics just came out and now comscore, i hope they compete and other companies release new products, all this results in better tools for less money

  • I’m all for more competition driving prices down and features up.