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Conduit (which means “Conveyor of Information”) released their first Community Trends index where you can see what online communities are searching for. Conduit analyzes online communities for trends.

They collect data with a toolbar that users install and they collect data on community searches. They focus on nine verticals: Sports, Environment, Education, Web Games, Online Radio, Music, Online Radio, Jobs, Travel, and Shopping verticals. I wish they had one for tech or blogs.

To see the trends for October 2007, see

I just had to laugh at this description of themselves as entrepreneurial superstars who dream of “patentable ideas” in their sleep (this really captures the unfettered optimism of entrepreneurs):

“Conduit is run by a team of successful, passionate entrepreneurs who wake up with patentable ideas in the middle of the night and execute them, to the delight of the general public.”

If only the general public could understand exactly what they offer…

Conduit has more than 12 million users and there are toolbars created for Web 2.0, and TechCrunch.

Any publisher can create their own free toolbar for your site. People can put it on their browser. It’s like the Google toolbar but it’s just for your community. They make money by profit sharing with Google when people use the toolbar for web search. It has an embedded audio player and a video player is coming soon.

To learn more, watch the video of Scoble interviewing Reena Jadhav, head of marketing for Conduit. It’s entertaining how Scoble tries to get a straight and clear understanding of what the value of the service is and how it works. Not as easy as you’d think.

I’d say it this way: Conduit lets you build your own customized toolbar so people can subscribe, chat, and interact with your site. And as an example, we could create a Marketing Pilgrim branded toolbar that our readers can download. You get your own subdomain so ours would be

  • I think we did create a toolbar one time. Not sure what I did with it. 🙂

  • Loren

    Andy, the MP toolbar was powered by Effective Brand, which effectively rebranded to Conduit.

  • Collecting data on trends be it for an individual or a group, will have serious long term implications. Such data can be used for all kinds of communications and will be another way of invading privacy.

  • Conduit came across as a fairly straight-forward thing to me – if you can get sufficient people to signup, you could register as a Partner which involves a decent sum of money.