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Back in February, Andy pledged to you, gentle reader, that Marketing Pilgrim’s content was “Not-Made-For Digg”. This means that:

If they [Digg users] happen to find one of our posts Digg-worthy we’d be flattered. [The pledge] does mean that I will not construct any future posts with the sole purpose of getting on the homepage of Digg (not that we ever really did much of that anyway).

Perhaps we were wrong—at least in the last comment there. Although we remain fully and deeply committed to our Not-Made-For-Digg pledge, we are proud and just a little bit humble surprised and delighted to discover that Marketing Pilgrim is one of the websites with the highest Digg saturation. Patrick Altoft of BlogStorm compiled a list of sites with the most mentions on Digg. These numbers mean that “” has been mentioned in submitted URLs, comments and comment links 1600 times:

Digg saturation marketing pilgrim #75

Of course, I’m sure you’re just as excited as we are to be so popular, but you’re wondering who on earth could have beaten Marketing Pilgrim out. The top ten and some selected other sites:

  1. YouTube
  3. Google
  4. Ars Technica
  5. Engadget
  6. BBC
  7. Gizmodo
  8. Wikipedia
  10. CNN


While we continue our pledge to not post Digg bait articles, we are happy and flattered to have our non-Digg-bait posts be so well-received!


  • Wow, ahead of shoe money. Nice guys keep up the hard work!

  • it goes to show you don’t need to be a digg sellout to be a digg top

    KUTGW guys, i’ve been a fan of this blog. RSS subscribed and all 🙂

  • Congratulations. Must have come as a very pleasant surprise.

  • My site is also not made for Digg. My host bans referrals from them! I rarely submit anything to social bookmarking anyway. Stumble can generate a nice amount of referrals for the right content.

  • I read today about Digg Saturation, and saw over there Marketing Pilgrim…

    it’s a very nice thing to be in that TOP 84 [if I’m not mistaking] 🙂

    great job and… hopefully more diggs from now on 🙂

  • Wait you mean you can do well on Digg by having good content that isn’t specifically written for Digg? Who Knew?

    It’s interesting that while diggers are always assumed to be heavily anti-marketing that some blogs about marketing can still do well.

  • The great thing about MP is that is has fantastic content. That’s why people Digg your posts. Goes to show what the fundamental SEO principle should be. Focus on your content first. If you have great content, the world will beat a path to your door 😉

  • Congratulations!

  • I thought it kind of odd to find a DIGG it button on one of your posts the other day (don’t remember which)…

  • Jordan McCollum

    It’s my understanding that when one of our posts (which are never written specifically for Digg) is doing really well on Digg, we add the Digg button to help it along—but never before it’s doing well. I’m told that this is exactly what Digg says to do.

    Again, we don’t object to our stories being dugg (obviously), but we don’t write them with that object in mind.