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Evian Natural Spring Water’s marketing slogan is “The most important body of water is your own.” They are helping people improve their bodies – in the virtual world Second Life. Avatars just need to head to Evian vending machines and they can get a new skin.

Avatars come with standard bodies but you can buy another version to suit yourself. Evian says the skins they offer will not just be new but they will be more vibrant and have better texture (I’ve never noticed that level of detail but from the picture below the skin does look very smooth.)

When you buy water, there will be a pop-up with the offer. Choose a skin and you’re avatar will be transformed.

Here’s what the female skins look like (there are designed by RealSKINs and there is skin for men too):

Evian's new skins

Second Life has almost 8 million people from around the world.

Incidentally this is a great marketing tool – links to stories about this promotion are filling the search engines and blogosphere.