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Facebook is working on a platform for bands that will be launched later this year. This was reported on They said that the rumor was started yesterday morning.

According to the rumors, Facebook will offer more to bands than MySpace does. They will let bands and labels to create pages, and let them embed custom widgets to market their events and music.

Widgets are hot right now with popular widgets selling for thousands just weeks after they are launched. The most popular widget on Facebook is iLike. Sources say the widget will be like that plus there will also be an iTunes widget for listening to clips from songs. Later you’ll be able to buy music too. Instead of being busy and being flashy, the Facebook pages will be more no-nonsense. Facebook is contacting music labels to gather support for the service.

Facebook is competing directly with MySpace, not with iTunes, which is telling. The article points out that bands have a deep loyalty to MySpace. However, if Facebook makes it easier for bands to promote themselves and adds customization, maybe Facebook can build its own following.

  • i’m quite surprise bands are loyal to myspace

    i would have thought, the possibility to get more exposure of their bands, they would use both platform

    i mean why not right

  • mmm, another facebook rumor.
    btw, what is current state of myspace? how are their revenues? who are they parnering with and which are bringing most income?

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  • I am betting that Facebook will build its own following, and do it fast.

  • I agree with money maker. Why wouldn’t they just use both?

  • As long as Facebook doesn’t start letting you completely customize the design and color scheme of its platform, I’ll stick with it.

    Once that happens and it just becomes another more dignified MySpace, I’m done.

    I’ve been a strong supporter of Facebook for almost four years now, but they are starting to come to that breaking point of which I will need to make a decision.

  • Eduardo Fenili

    @ Water Portal
    Myspace revenues are said to top 1 Billion this year.

    @ Money Maker
    The only reason I can see bands being loyal is because some are signed with Myspace or some are interested in its parent company being Fox Interactiev Media which is a pretty big name.

  • Bands are loyal to Myspace because of the demographic. Kids on Myspace care about their indie bands. Bands like FOB and Gym Class Heroes made their impact by touring the country and updating their profiles, answering comments and the like. Facebook does not have the passionate ‘indie’ music fans that Myspace has. Being a musician and marketer though, if this rumor is true, I will be using both. The 2 sites represent the biggest piece of pie for Gen-Y and can not be afforded to miss.

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  • I think this new start-up will have some success with the political connections its owner has and their partners. Just having fun, yet they intend to play it slow and smart. Everyone is verified, not teenie’s with cams posting young girls with bra’s and guys commenting on them. All professional and the way it ought to be. I have a new account and its pre-launch and they are taking ideas and doing well with them. Don’t underestimate this guy, he’s real good, really good because he’s also a Cyber Crimes Investigator and Commander of the Unit.

  • I think bands will use both. I know I would and why not? Loyalty to whom? The name of the game is exposure. Expose the band to every form of social media out there. It only makes sense to use all mediums that are available and allow you to get the word out.

  • Shye

    Are you serious? Why would bands want to maintain a second facebook account, THAT HAS MOST, IF NOT ALL OF THE SAME MEMBERS AS MYSPACE?

    Facebook needs to give it a break and move on. Myspace has been around long enough that I am quite certain most people are not going to want to switch, including bands, because of their built up database.

    It all seems very copycat to me.

  • Shye

    Jonathan Dingman: