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No, Facebook isn’t announcing the date for its impending nuptials, but it’s sent out engraved invitations (literally) for an event next month in New York, as AdAge writes:

The invitation, sent to advertisers and agencies in New York, arrived carved onto a Lucite brick:

“You are invited to a discussion with Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook executive team as we unveil a new way of advertising online.”

AdAge speculates that this could be the unveiling of the meaning of a term first used and trademarked by Facebook last month, “SocialAds”:

described as “advertising and information distribution services, namely, providing advertising space via the global computer network [and] promoting the goods and services of others over the internet.”

Naturally, AdAge hits on Facebook’s most obvious strength—the vast amount of personal information its users have volunteered. Many users have expressed concerns for their privacy when they’ve heard about Facebook’s advertising plans. However, according to AdAge:

Facebook’s privacy policy addresses its ability to use data to serve ads, but notes it does this without identifying people as individuals to third parties: “You can know more about the world around you and, where there are advertisements, they’re more likely to be interesting to you,” it reads. “For example, if you put a favorite movie in your profile, we might serve you an advertisement highlighting a screening of a similar one in your town. But we don’t tell the movie company who you are.”

This does lead to an inherent weakness in the system:

And, of course, all of Facebook’s ad-targeting plans presume people are honest and real about the information they offer up about themselves on the site.

While the concern is legitimate, I think that people on Facebook are generally more honest in their profile information than on, say, MySpace (where my teenage sister claims to be 100+ years old).

Facebook’s event will be held November 6. But will Facebook have been acquired by then?

  • It gets really interesting to watch Facebook.
    Google kicked out of deal its competitors when they bought YouTube and many other startups. But this time it let Microsoft win.
    Does really google think that Facebook is not worthit?

  • I personally think that if Google want’s MySpace to “succeed” I think it’s going to have to re-think. As for FaceBook is the ‘true’ start to Social-Networking, it will be a great foundation for all “up-coming” site with networking.
    MySpace “SEEMS” to be the baby of the 2 SN’s.

    I think that Microsoft has finally done something “right” in partaking with FaceBook, it’s been way to long for Microsoft to, NOT do anything. about time.

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