Posted October 4, 2007 11:00 am by with 12 comments

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image It’s interesting to watch Google’s growth in China. When you look at Baidu, you think they’re too well entrenched and will always be #1.

The scenario reminds me of the US search market. You look at Google’s dominance and doubt whether another search engine will ever be able to challenge–Google’s just too well entrenched.

Well, Google’s proving that the #1 spot can be challenged–at least in China. Reuters is reporting Google grew its market share by 4% (to 22.8%) while Baidu grew just 1% (to 58.1%).

Maybe this will give Yahoo, Microsoft, and hope that they too can challenge Google’s #1 US dominance. Then again, they might be thinking “crap, Google’s going to dominate the entire world!” 😉