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image It’s interesting to watch Google’s growth in China. When you look at Baidu, you think they’re too well entrenched and will always be #1.

The scenario reminds me of the US search market. You look at Google’s dominance and doubt whether another search engine will ever be able to challenge–Google’s just too well entrenched.

Well, Google’s proving that the #1 spot can be challenged–at least in China. Reuters is reporting Google grew its market share by 4% (to 22.8%) while Baidu grew just 1% (to 58.1%).

Maybe this will give Yahoo, Microsoft, and hope that they too can challenge Google’s #1 US dominance. Then again, they might be thinking “crap, Google’s going to dominate the entire world!” 😉

  • Bushido

    It’s important not to forget that the laws of common sense do not apply to China and many other Asian countries (I mean that in a good way). eBay Japan closed while Yahoo Shopping stole its share.

    What I’m saying is Google could probably make it… or maybe not.

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  • SEO in China

    Well according to (chinese) government-owned CNNIC Google’s market share has been shrinking over the last year, check our relative blog post at

  • Water Portal

    Google grew by 4% but to reach Baidu they have to grow by at least 20%, does not sound like a competitor for Baidu, Google is weak in Russia too, using RuNet as user I can say that russian Yandex delivers much better results than Google in russian.

  • Rahul

    But Google is a company like its own,
    may be they just would!

  • tarihteneski

    Technology is not how much you have run, yet how much your speed still is. Nobody can know what the future shall be for sure.

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  • Sagem Phones

    I think Google also bought or something like that to get more Chinese visitors.

  • Baidu Marketing

    Nah, this isn’t happening anytime soon, they should try to lock that #2 spot instead…

  • Insider Out

    Baidu is dominant because it reaches its users on an emotional level, not a functional one. Google entered in China acting as a saviour, but users were obviously unsatisfied and switched when Baidu came in afterwards.