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As mobile technology–and bandwidth–continue to improve, we find ourselves using our cell phones for all kinds of stuff. Now, thanks to Google Docs Mobile, we can access our files while sitting on a train or sipping lattes in Starbucks.


At this stage, even Google hasn’t figured out how to let you view a PowerPoint presentation on a 2″ window, but word and spreadsheets work just fine.

I’ve only used Google Docs as a makeshift file backup–if I’m going to be on the road and what the option of grabbing a file I’m working on. Google Docs Mobile is certainly a cool solution to have. Now I can free up space on my phone’s SD card for more games, instead of boring documents. 😉


  • This going to be another free book reader for mobiles 🙂

  • @William – I hadn’t thought of that, good idea!

  • Google will have a solution for everything at some point.

  • Good news. The real problem is trying to convince cell phone companies to lower the cost of providing Internet service to cell phones to its customers. I’m not sure what people in the U.S. pay, but in Canada where we have some of the highest per-minute cell phone rates in the world, it’s atrocious. It’s something like 50 cents per minute, 25 cents a minute for the airtime and another 25 cents a minute for web (data) usage.

    Here’s to hoping that Industry Canada does NOT grant additional wireless spectrum to the incumbent carriers (Rogers, Telus, or Bell) and awards wireless licenses to companies like Virgin Mobile (currently, Virgin is only a virtual mobile provider providing service on top of the Bell network), Shaw Cable in the West, and Quebecor Media in the East.


  • Is it really true to totally lie on the technology instead of our own minds? Are we getting smarter or with our loosened and lazier minds more and more dumb?

  • Eduardo Fenili

    @ Doug
    That sounds pretty horrible.

    I have unlimited data for $25 dollars a month and I easily do 60-70 megs of data on my cell phone if not more

  • I guess mobile phone would be the last place where I would have my documents. If it was a simple notetaking app that could import google docs, that would be a better choise, you will only look at the docs or may be write something. All that features of Google Docs will be useless on the phone.

  • Doug that is a lot to spend. I have unlimited data through Sprint for $15/month.

    I’ll store documents directly on my phone at times, but it’s more to be able to read them and have access to the information that to actually work on them. The keyboard is too small for my fingers to make it productive.

    I have been using my phone a lot as a reader. About 90% of the PDF files I’ve downloaded in the last year were read on my phone. Perfect when you’re waiting on someone or something to grab your phone and read.