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If you’re the kind of person that’s wasted endless hours using StumbleVideo, then you may not want to read this next announcement.

Google has added geotagged YouTube videos to its Google Earth app, allowing you to view videos related to locations around the world.

The new layer enables users to zoom in on any location on the planet and view YouTube videos related to that place.  For example, a trip to Maui offers videos of surfing, snorkling and exotic sea life, while users who fly to Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France, can watch breathtaking videos filmed at the highest points of the Alps.


I wonder what TripAdvisor is thinking right now? For anyone that does a lot of traveling, TripAdvisor’s candid photos and videos make it a valuable resource–well at least for me. Google has taken a small step into their turf and the next step could be a big one. How about geotagged Blogger posts–complete with hotel review–or geotagged Picasa photos?

Still, that might be wishful thinking at this stage. You still need to download the Google Earth application. Until these features become web accessible, they’ll never really take off.

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  • This is pretty cool and it seems like a very useful feature. I like your idea of incorporating blog posts, hotel reviews, etc into Earth.

  • many people are excited about this but, yeah it will be great to discover deserts, mountains and other not populated places but many videos are from urban cities, imagine how New York will appear on Google Earth.

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  • Very good idea to have this feature but I agree with Water Portal that some place will be just overtubed.

  • a similar tool already exists since March, on top of google maps
    but, in addition, the videos are selected according to minimum quality/relevance
    (meaning: I came, I saw, .. I share !)

    points of interest are classified in 50 categories (capitals, events, natural/cultural places, outdoors activities …)
    it can show videos from youtube, dailymotion, google video, turnhere …

  • This summer almost every European street was added to the database, now with the video support it’s an indispendible tool for many people.
    World is becoming smaller every day.