Posted October 23, 2007 10:03 pm by with 3 comments

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If you’re running Google Adwords advertising you need to be concerned with the “quality score” of your ads. If your ads score low they could be deactivated and the only way to run the ads again is to pay more. However, if your ads have a high quality score you’ll pay less per click and your ads will be promoted higher on the list of ads. Google uses the quality score to set minimum bids on specific keywords.

Since your quality score has such an impact on what you pay for advertising, advertisers wanted more information about how it applies to their keywords. Google announced today that they will do this with their new Keyword Analysis page.

You will find a detailed breakdown of your keyword’s Quality Score and how it might affect where your ad is shown. They’ll also let you know how your keywords and landing pages are doing and give recommendations to improve them.

An example: if you run an ad for a keyword that clicks through to a page that doesn’t relate well to the keyword, your quality score will suffer. The Keyword Analysis page will tell you this and give suggestions on how to improve it. You’ll also see your Quality Score rating, your minimum bid, and whether your keyword is showing ads.

Just click on the magnifying glass next to any of your keywords and you’ll go to the Keyword Analysis page.