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Google Maps continues to expand its Street View to include six new cities:

  • Chicago (some high res)
  • Pittsburgh
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix (high res)
  • Portland
  • Tucson (high res)

Notice a ‘P’ theme?

In addition to some high resolution photos, Google added the ability to pan up now. They give the example of the Sears Tower (in Chicago). You can actually continue to pan up past the buildings and see what it would be like to lay on your back in the middle of S Upper Wacker Dr.

I snagged some comparison shots for you:
as high as Google Maps Street View will go in New York: about the second story
195 Broadway in New York City—just the first 2 or 2.5 stories

as high as Google Maps Street View will go in Philly: church spires
Church spires on Broad St in Philadelphia

the majestic Empire State Building: the first three floors.
The Majestic Empire State Building: the first three floors.

The majestic Sears Tower and the sun.
The tippy top of the Sears Tower (lower left) and the sun.

Street View first appeared in May, quickly followed by an uproar over privacy. Now, do you think they’ve “sanitized” these Street Views first?

  • wow amazing! i think it will be great for potential tourist to get a good feel & idea of a place before embarking to it

    i wonder the super-huge planning needed to update to maps

  • Absolutely amazing. Thanks for your snagging.

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  • That Sears Tower view if just mind blowing.

  • I think that the google street view is one of the coolest new features on the net. I am not sure how they will ever get an entire metropolitan area or if they are even planning on doing so. I had an out of state client look at a area via street view where he was thinking about purchasing a home. This gave him a much better prospective.