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Need help with your Google reputation?

Check out Andy Beal’s Online Reputation Management services.


Google is no longer just a search engine. With your potential customers, future employers, and members of the media turning to Google for information about your business, Google has become a reputation engine.

In helping clients with their online reputation, I’m consistently asked how they can push out negative results that appears on the first page of Google for a search for their name. Whether they were fined by the SEC, ridiculed by an ex-employee, or investigated by their local newspaper, they share one common goal: get that negative result off of the first page!

Of course, it’s near on impossible to make a negative Google result simply disappear—although there are some black-hat SEOs that claim to have that gift. Instead, your best approach is to provide Googlebot with a healthier diet of web content that shows your reputation in a positive light.

On that note, here are my recommendations for the best web content to fill up the first page of Google results.

1. Get your own web site.

It sounds simply enough, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, you’d be surprised at the number of individuals and companies that haven’t registered their own branded domain name and thrown up a web site. Registering or and adding a basic web site is a sure-fire way to occupy one of the top ten Google listings for your name.

2. Start a blog.

image If you love and nurture a blog, it will likely become a great asset in your reputation management arsenal. But the great thing about a blog is that it tends to rank well, even when left un-watered. Blogs are the cactus of online content. and both provide free blogs and free hosting. Add just a few posts, keep it targeted to your name—that means use it in the blog title, posts etc—add a few links and bake for a few days. It will be on the first page of Google in no time.

3. Add a sub-domain.

If you’ve put a lot of effort into growing your main web site, chances are there’s an opportunity to add a sub-domain. Sub-domains are great. Google considers them as separate from your main site, but they still include your main brand. There are a lot of great reasons to add a sub-domain: careers, corporate info, and product info. Take a look at as an example.

4. Create a social networking profile.

image profiles can rank well for your personal or company name. When you sign-up, be sure to use your real name—using a nickname won’t help with your Google reputation—and enable the option that lets you pick the URL of your profile. works a whole lot better than

5. Create your own social network.

image If a social networking profile ranks well in Google, how much more so your own social network? will let you create your own customized social network. Better yet, you can pay just $5 a month and point your own domain name at it. Take a look at for an example.

6. Create a business profile.

image You should join because it’s a great tool for networking with your peers. You should also join LinkedIn as it allows you to talk about yourself, link to your other Google-friendly web content, and customize your profile URL. Wouldn’t you rather your potential employer find your LinkedIn profile on Google, than that run-in you had with your last boss?

7. Share your photos.

image is very Google friendly. Upload photos of you, your company logo, your products, etc, and label them using your name. Add some comments to each photo (including your name) and Voila! You’ve just added a dozen pages of content, each labeled with your company name! Be sure to do the same when selecting your profile name for Flickr too.

8. Claim your identity.

image is a blessing for those looking to control their Google reputation. It effectively lets you create a profile and then link out to all of your other profiles. Whereas LinkedIn is heavy on the networking-side, Naymz is more of a holding-tank for your brand. Best of all, Google seems to love it!

9. Create your own Wiki.

image If you’re facing a Google reputation nightmare, you may be tempted to create a Wikipedia profile for yourself. After all, Wikipedia ranks all over Google, right? Bad move. Not only is it hard to get one approved, but they’re totally unbiased. That DUI incident, you’re trying to cover-up, will likely make its way on to your profile. Not good. Instead create your own wiki and build your profile that way. is perfect for this. You can focus it on your personal name, or your company name. The best part is that you get to decide who contributes to it.

10. Get a free page from Google.

image I’ve saved the best until last. Ok, I lied. While a free page from Google Page Creator ( isn’t the best web content for managing your Google reputation, there’s something satisfying about having Google help mend your reputation.

So, there you have it. While these shouldn’t be used as a “get out of jail free card”—you should avoid a reputation nightmare to begin with—they’ll at least help you re-build your Google reputation.

  • Scott Clark

    All it takes is one .gov or .edu site to put your name on there and all bets are off.

    I have a business associate who, via a legal technicality, was listed on a .gov site for a state atty general. Nobody is going to unseat that page from #1 Google. He did not get arrested or anything, but was issued a “warning” for not filing a form on time one year.

    He is taking a legal path to remove it because they are supposed to use an ombudsman approach to limiting ad-hoc access. But so far he’s gotten nowhere as the law is so vague on the matter.

    All of the items above except Flickr/Wiki were done (and a few you’ve not listed) but it makes little difference.

    Just a perspective from a real-world situation.

  • Andy Beal

    @Scott – there’s a lot that can be done to clean up a Google reputation nightmare. The above will help many prevent one from happening, but I agree that a .gov etc are tough. There are a few tactics that I keep to myself – to help pay the bills. 😉

  • Scott Clark

    This is my list of brand hygiene approaches. I may steal one of yours. :- )

    Also, an article on social forgiveness and Google. If you don’t like links in the comments, just nix this one. I just wanted to show you.

  • Dan Schawbel

    Great toolkit for personal brand reputation management.

  • Andy Beal

    @Scott et al – there’s a lot more of this stuff in my new book. 😉

  • Tom Drugan

    Great stuff, and thanks for the mention. I saw that you are in the process of writing a book on reputation management. It’s a very opportune time for a guide on rep management and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Let us know if we at Naymz can help out in any way.

    @Scott – I second Andy’s viewpoint. It takes a lot of work to displace .gov and .edu, but it is possible if the right tactics are used.

  • Jeremy Luebke


    I beg to differ. There is a lot that can be done to take that page off the front page of Google. The question is, are you or your associate willing to put in the time and / or money to get it done.

    If you were talking about a top 50 internet phrase that was obviously hand edited, that might be impossible. But someones name? Easy, I don’t care what site I am competing against.

  • Scott Clark

    I am absolutely sure you’re right. It does come down to committing to do it (or getting paid to!)

    I should qualify to say that “passive” vs. “active” efforts are very different when a .gov or .edu is involved. Passive solutions are more preventative in nature while active ones could nudge it.

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  • Joy

    This is an interesting article..^^..thanks for posting it. I will keep in mind all your tips and suggestion on how to land on Google’s first page.

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    These tips are also work for getting more traffic to your website if you look at them closer. For example get social network’s profile and upload images to

  • Blake Brannon

    Nice tips. I will have to work on my sub domains.

  • Manny Hernandez

    Loved your tips! I have implemented many of them, including starting a Social Network with ( for people with diabetes).

    BTW, I am an reviewer (#75). I am interested in reviewing your book. Can you email me so we can talk about this and I can give you my mailing address?

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  • Jason Bartholme

    Hi Andy. Thanks for the nice tips. I never heard of Naymz.

  • Nils

    This is about the lamest advice ever.

  • Ted Menks

    Even if you’re not in any kind of business, this might be a good way to make sure family and friends can find you. If only they will think of Googling your name. I’m seriously thinking about trying this and find out what happens. :)

  • webdrops

    Hey Andy thanks for diverting my attention to wetpaint and … first time heard about them. Will definitely give it a try…

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  • Dinu

    I have to say a lot of the stuff you’ve stated here are misleading and untrue.

  • Management

    At the end of the day its a matter of weight and how important is your name in the context of the site. These are good strategies to push a bad reputation page to higher SERPS. It doesn’t eliminate the problem! so better work your way out the long way.

  • Scott Clark

    Dinu and Nils – These smell like spambot posts.

    If not, how do you expect anyone to take you seriously if you don’t post something to support your remarks?

    I sure don’t.

  • Baza Noclegowa

    Thank you for your advices. I have used a few of them already. I hope, they will be useful for me. Greetings from Poland.

  • septianw

    it may usefull advise, thanks

  • wapeller

    Thank you for your advices. I have used a few of them already. I hope, they will be useful for me. Greetings from USA.

  • Horisly

    your talking is basic to an online bizz man. would you give out some more deep research.

  • Andy Beal

    Thanks all!

    @Horisly – the in-depth stuff is in the new book. 😉

    @Scott – I’ll check to make sure they’re not trolls.

    @Manny – Thanks for the offer. I’ll drop you a note closer to publication – around end of Feb.

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  • Tolie (not my real name – someone might Google it)

    Best way to have a good reputation is to develop good character (all that negative stuff about me is lies anyway)!

  • Andy Beal

    @Tom – just rescued your comment from Akismet. :-)

    Thanks for the support. Naymz is mentioned positively throughout the book. You’ll have to buy lots of copies! 😉

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  • Jordan Meeter

    Thanks for the tips. :)

  • Josh Giese

    I have also found that buying your name as a domain name really helps also. example, Josh Giese… google eats that stuff up.

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  • Chris Thomas

    Great article!

    One thing you haven’t mentioned is Google’s new Universal Search. Aside from images and video, Google’s placing Google News articles in search results on occasion. They don’t hang around for more than a day or two, but they rank high and there’s very little anyone can do to get rid of them!

    So if there’s a bad news story about your organisation i.e “Glass found in ‘famous brand’ hamburger” – you’re pretty much stuffed, no matter what you do!

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  • Andy Beal

    @Chris – good point. However, you’d really have to make the headlines to have a Google News result show up for your name. :-) And as you mentioned, that’s just a short term issue.

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  • tarihteneski

    In terms of social networking, FaceBook has become an inevitable choice. Just to mention…

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  • Stephanie fierman

    Andy –
    Thank you for the article. Not many people understand how Google works – that it rewards popularity over credibility, for example – but it is, nevertheless, considered by the average person to be the “gospel” for search. All the more reason that companies and individuals alike need to make sure that they have authentic and credible information about themselves out there.

    [links removed]

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  • David Ciccarelli

    I’ve since registered the domain names of everyone in my family. That’s all 5 of us. Thanks for the insight.

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  • J

    Great list. You cannot go wrong with this kind of online reputation arsenal. The suggested sites are a good combination. If someone googles your name, chances are the whole first page will be from these sites. So when you sign up to these, make sure you put the information you would like people to see.

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  • Chris Martin

    I have seen government and wikipedia articles get bumped in Google. Most of this was post the QDF (query deserves freshness) update by the Google algorithm team. I personally find that it’s a matter of convincing Google that the company or individual name is actually a revolving topic that is frequently updated with news and content. Once that transition occurs than a static page on a government web site begins to lose relevance to the update content related to you or your company’s name. But pre QDF it seemed near impossible. Now it’s not easy but definitely an attainable goal – just takes time and persistence.

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  • George Arauz

    Good info.. thanks a million

  • Steve Kennedy

    Thanks for the great advice. I have heard of and used most of these suggestions, but it was nice to have them organized.

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  • Jayson

    Nice list – one of the comments mentioned that these things can make it easier for family and friends to find you which I definitely think is a plus.

    I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but submitting articles to article directories is another way to fill the Internet with information from you that you want everyone to know about.

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  • Scott Fish

    This is a great list that you’ve compiled! Thanks for putting this together Andy!

  • Jayson

    Oh, and another one that might not been mentioned yet is Squidoo. Though I think I’ve heard it doesn’t work so well anymore.

  • Andy Beal

    @Jayson – yeah Squidoo got hit by Google last year and I don’t recommend it now.

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  • peter lublin

    Looking for help with google

  • Bill

    Great post – thanks :)

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  • Posao

    THX Andy for the great tips. Just what I need 😉

  • Tiffany

    Very useful! Especially for newbies…Thanks for the tips.

  • James Lassman

    Very useful information! There seems to be a lot of buzz on the news lately about companies that offer this type of service. I have looked into two such companies ReputationDefender and Cyberfootprints – I was just wondering if anyone has used them or another similar company? Your feedback would be appreciated.

    [Links removed]

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  • Seologia

    A lot in this post comes in handy! Thanks for the tips! 😀

    Seologia’s last blog post..Google no es tonto, vos sí

  • For water 4 gas review

    Andy your tips are always helping me. This article is really great one on reputation management.I will definitely try out your techniques to come up on google’s first page for my targetted keywords.
    Thanks and keep posting the great stuff.

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  • Ted Bundy

    Of course my name is a spoof, but the issue is real: My real name shows, as it is the same as other folks, up as all kinds of things on the SERPs. I could spend half of my life in rep’ management and it wouldn’t help.

    I am seriously–very seriously–thinking about suing Google and the court document aggregators and forcing them to put robot no-follow tags on entires. You pay for the service or search theri site and you can find the dirty laundry, but should not be # 1 for a 10 year old crime someone else committed because of Google’s screwy algorithm

  • Andy Beal

    @Ted – you might want to save your legal fees. Google will argue that any negative results exist because the “wisdom of the crowds” says it’s the most relevant web content for your name. A reputation management campaign is where you fight back, by convincing Google that the 10 year old crime is not the most relevant thing about you. Although in your case, “Ted Bundy,” even I can’t help you! 😉

  • Jeff

    One fairly easy way to rank on page one for your name (worked for me at least), is to submit a couple articles to ezinearticles, or similiar directory.

    Now you got first page results declaring you an “expert author”.

    Jeff’s last blog post..angel paintball

  • Social Marketing Journal

    We always recommend that companies practice pro-active good reputation management techniques such as: social marketing, social networking, social bookmarking, online publicity, article marketing, blogging, etc…guess what all of these things can also help build your brand and generate visitors to your site as well!

    Social Marketing Journal’s last blog post..Working Smarter On Your Reputation Management

  • PS3

    @Jeff, how easy is it to submit an article to the likes of Ezine, what is involved exactly?

  • Mike

    Hi Andy, I am having a different sort of problem, where a page that I have uploaded to some stupid classified ad service still haunts me on Google every time someone looks up my name. That content is old and is quite embarassing, but I cannot seem to be able to get in touch with the company (Tunza products, owners of to get them to take down the page. Is there anyway I can get Google to drop the page? or should I just try to push it down using the methods described. Thanks


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  • Andy Beal

    @Mike – unless the page is spam or violating a law, Google will not take it down. Sorry.

  • Dieta Dimagrire

    Thanks Andy, great article.

    I have gotten a “google pages” page to rank high in the se.

    The only disadvntage is that these pages dont remain there for a long time.

    It is possible however to use them in your link building when they get page rank.


    Dieta Dimagrire’s last blog post..Scienziati Di Fama Mondiale Per Herbalife

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  • tasarım

    Good info.. thanks

  • Kevin Staker


    Thanks for the tips. Hopefully they will work. Great of you to share some of your trade secrets. I am the victim of some crazy person on ripoffreport.

  • Jeff


    It’s not difficult at all. You just have to write a decent article, I think their current minimum length is 500 words, but I am not sure.

    Just make it something worth reading, something that delivers value. Then signup, select the apropriate category, and submit. Seems to take about a week to get it approved.

    Also, it is important that you own the rights to what you are submitting, and it isn’t duplicate of already published material.

    Jeff’s last blog

  • MB Web Design

    Readers of the article might be surprised to learn – if they aren’t in the industry and have encountered this themselves – just how common the “I don’t like this page, get Google to remove it for me” syndrome is. It does tend to be the least savvy individuals (older company directors in my experience) who believe this is a viable outcome.

  • seopositive

    Cheers for the tips.

  • Needhelp

    Andy, I need help with the .gov reputation problem that I have. How can I fix the problem?? Please send me email at

  • Raman

    Cheers Andy………..Gr8 post once again.

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  • blogfixes

    Wow! Thank you so much for this very Informative post… Cheers!

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  • Brick Marketing

    This is one of the best lists regarding search engine reputation management! Great reference.

  • Miadeo

    Too much work to me

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  • CH Web Design

    Very interesting post thanks for sharing your tips. Its a unique way of looking at things!

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  • Chetan

    Thanks for the list of resources. They are very useful for internet marketers.

    Chetan’s last blog post..Teaming Up With Other Bloggers

  • Internet Marketing & SEO in SLO County

    I have one very well known name I’m doing SEO/rep management work for and the most difficult part of the task is informing non-web saavy old schoolers that it takes time and a lot of work to cover the entire first page of Google for relatively well known name/phrases.

    btw, some good resources on this post :thumbsup


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  • Revolvermänner

    Nice tipps. During our work on online reputation management, we try to convince our clients, that it is most important to be honest. To react on critics in a serious/ transparent way, can make your company more authentic. Reviews can make your product better and critique is a very healthy form of dialog – when you make an effort to answer…

  • PS3

    Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.

  • Bill Canaday

    @Andy in re: #37-39
    That “short time” can take on an added dimension if the blogosphere / Usenet picks up and repeats the info. That’s the sort of nightmare Microsoft encountered with its “Halloween” email. The durned thing is STILL making the rounds.

    The internet is anonymous. It never sleeps, it never forgets and it never forgives.

    I just took a look, and a post I published AT LEAST 10 years ago is still on page one of the Google results.

    I’m not going to identify which one is mine, but I am sure glad that I was ‘being nice’ that day.

    Bill Canaday’s last blog post..Ad test

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  • WebTrafficROI

    This is an interesting article..^^.. I will keep in mind all your tips and suggestion and i will try to get the ranks in search engine …

    WebTrafficROI’s last blog post..The Right Time is Now

  • Ami Ohayon

    I’m new to Marketing Pilgrim and am slowly wandering through some older articles. There are some excellent suggestions here, and I have at least one client that badly needs to implement several of them as soon as possible.

    Ami Ohayon’s last blog post..My Neighborhood in Jerusalem

  • Hubcaps

    Creating a squidoo lens can also be a good idea.

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  • Washington DC Web Designer

    I’m sure you know already, but you may want to let your readers know that Google Pages has been replaced by Google Sites.

  • Kit Homes

    Great post.It is something that companys have to be very aware of with the amount of imformation on the internet.It is not all good about everyone.I quite often find my self googling a company and will find a lot of negetive info which will put me off dealing with them.

    You have too keep your finger on the pulse


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  • Amrita Shahra

    This is best lists regarding search engine reputation management!

  • Busby SEO

    These tips are also work for getting more backlink and traffic to your website.

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  • Internet Marketing Do-Follow Blog

    Great post, I think these are all effective strategies even if you don’t have any negativity on the net and I will check out Ning, looks interesting.

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  • Xbox

    Google seems to hate me anyway so, hopefully these can help.

  • usdigital web design

    Thanks for the seo tips. Great blog. We use wordpress for our blog and was only thinking the other day that we must use Flickr. I am definately going to set up a Flickr and my space account for the company. WordPress has definately helped our rankings. Thanks

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  • Brand your Name

    Great Post.
    I think that it is becoming really important for everybody to be found in Google for their names. I myself have profited many times from doing things just like Andy is describing here.

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    yes google is powerful.

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  • first page google

    Interesting…so, I’m assuming it would work for any web site. For example I have a successful work at home business online, if I apply the same principal it will work for my site as well?

  • SandyM

    I found this article really interesting. Searchers love trusted website domains with good reputations. Thanks for the info.. S

  • Justin

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    I am in the reputation management field and liked your entry here. Nice blog..


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  • Naila

    This is a very comprehensive and detailed list of sites one needs to look through. Linkedin is very powerful and i know it works!

  • David

    Great toolkit for personal

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  • Suhendrawan

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    what about other social network from google, Google Connect?

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  • warren noenkz

    gov and edu already have a special service from google…so it does not a good comparison. Thanks for this post. It’s really help us..

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  • Shirley

    Very good tips. Reputation is SO important online. I’ve known companies to change their names to escape a couple of bad search results.

    Shirley’s last blog post..Perhaps You Shouldn’t Blog!

  • Paul Andrews

    I think a lot of companies make the mistake of renaming to quickly. You should fight negative comments with getting positive comments out there.

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  • Laura

    Andy – I have tried filling out one of your contact forms but it doesn’t seem to be working.

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    Thanks for the tips Andy – this is great stuff!

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