Posted October 29, 2007 9:00 pm by with 8 comments

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Hot on the heels of Gmail’s introduction of IMAP support comes upgrades to its interface. Google Operating System has details of what’s being rolled out and Sam Harrelson is one of the first to see the new features.

I’m seeing a few subtle and not so subtle changes in GMail tonight.

1) Quicker message loading
2) New graphics (the yellow type found in Google Reader) at the top of the screen for loading messages
3) New contacts manager which is very slick and a great upgrade
4) The ability to add an event invitation when composing or replying to messages.

  • Boris

    It will be nice to see if Gmail gets faster… Sometimes I think I fall asleep waiting.

  • Nate Moller

    I’m sure these updates will be helpful and all, but where’s the read receipts option we’ve all been waiting for. If it wasn’t for this feature, or lack there of, I would use gmail (and all the other features google offers) for practically everything. Like Janet Meiners says, “Google is part of my life!” (or something like that)

    What is the word on the read receipt option? Is it in beta? What’s holding up the show?


  • Water Portal

    oh this is great, finally.
    Gmail interface has not changed for like 4 years now?

  • Motor Cars

    but I notice nothing on my gmail.
    “The ability to add an event invitation when composing or replying to messages.”
    that’s social networking feature.

  • Bushido

    Nice. I bet the guys over at the Googleplex are checking out all those Greasemonkey scripts users program and work it from there.

  • Dan Schawbel

    I think gmail is fine. As long as they don’t complicate the GUI, I’ll be happy.

  • Steven Bradley

    I still haven’t logged in to see if the upgrade has reached my account. I’ve been downloading my email into Thunderbird for years and hardly ever use the Gmail interface.

  • Dave Taylor

    I’m pretty darn sure that the event invitation, part of Google Calendar, has been in Gmail for quite a while now… I haven’t used it, but I don’t think it’s new. Status update messages have also had a yellow background for a while too. Methinks this is a teapot tempest? :-)