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image Are you an online marketer trying to keep up with latest news and trends? Do you wish you could find a one-stop resource? Could you also use $10,000 of AdWords spending? Read on!

Forums are useful for threaded conversations, blogs are good for industry news, and social bookmarking sites help us figure out what it is popular. Take those channels, blend them together, and you get a brand new community called Gooruze.

After months of testing, Gooruze launches to the public today, promising to help marketing professionals share advice and learn from each other. It’s the first “online marketing” community where the content is created and rated by its members.

Using the same robust platform that already powers the successful network, Gooruze brings a blend of Digg, Sphinn, Webmaster World, and SEOmoz. The community launches with a fine group of “Founding Gooruze” (of which I am one of them) but offers a level playing field for all members.

TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley is a “Founding Gooruze” and explains why he’s personally involved.

“The part of the Gooruze pitch that particularly appealed to me was the notion of making online marketing information accessible. Let’s face it: this isn’t exactly an under-represented vertical, and there are many, many good SEO and general online marketing sites out there. What does lack though is accessible content, particularly for folks who may be starting out or looking to upgrade their knowledge sets.”

Ok, here’s a quick run down of what you’ll get out of Gooruze.

1. The Gooruze Homepage


2. Profiles

If you’ve been using Facebook to connect with other marketers, you’ll love the profile and “friends” component in Gooruze.


3. News

There’s a place to submit and vote on the latest online marketing news:


4. Articles

There’s a section for you to share your own internet marketing advice, and vote on articles you read:


5. Questions & Answers

Have a question about online marketing? Know the answer to someone’s question?


6. Groups

Passionate about a topic? Join a group or start your own one.


7. Much More

There are many, many more features, including:

  • Monitor all activity on Gooruze from a single screen
  • RSS feeds for your favorite members or topics
  • Start a Gooruze blog or import the RSS feed from your existing blog
  • Your own personal “lounge” to share your thoughts with other members
  • Tag clouds so you can pinpoint new items that match your interests

Not only is Gooruze going to be a great place for any online marketer to hang their hat, but by joining, you’ll automatically gain entry to win $10,000 in AdWords spending!

After considering building a community for Marketing Pilgrim, I found Gooruze to be so darn perfect, that I just decided to team up with them instead. I hope you’ll join me. 🙂