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Halloween is a big holiday for spending. Reports that the figure is between $5-7 billion in spending and the average adult spends $65 on the holiday. Just ask Kate Maloney who at 26 made the Inc 500 list as founder and CEO of Costume Craze.

Here’s how Halloween spending breaks down: $21 for candy, $12 for cards and $38.50 for costumes (see this post on popular costumes for the season). Halloween decorating is also a big industry, second only to Christmas. Unity Marketing says decoration sales grew 21 percent to $3.2 billion in 2006 over 2005.

I always enjoy how into Halloween and other holidays Google gets. I wish other retailers would follow suit. My question of the day – why the restaurant The Melting Pot doesn’t make a Halloween version of fondue. 

What is Halloween about for you? For me, forget candy, it’s all about the costumes. No other day of the year can you see an overweight man with a beard in a purple cape and underwear walking across the grocery store parking lot. I love the little bird costume I saw on a toddler with her teetering legs in tights poking out the bottom. It’s creativity that everyone can see.

Happy Howling!

  • Jordan McCollum

    If the average adult spends $65, why do the average amounts spent total $71.50?

    I wish I’d only spent $65 (or $71.50) on Halloween this year!

  • I agree Halloween has to be all about the costume! The weirder the better:)

  • happy halloween!

  • Zen

    The bad thing about this is that it mostly applies for the US. 🙁

  • My only regret with Halloween spending is I now have candy here that my waistline would prefer wasn’t here.

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