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Here’s a fun story for SEO on a very timely subject – Halloween costumes. As a fan of both Halloween and online marketing I’m curious what is selling. First, the most popular search, according to Hitwise data is “hanna montana costume.” (here is the Hitwise full download with all the data).

Other popular Halloween Costume searches include:
Halo 3’s Master Chief, pirates, Wonder Woman, Little Red Riding Hood, and Tinkerbell. What else are people looking for? Ideas on how to make a cheap or for a sexy costume.

People often searched on these words describing the costumes: sexy, funny, homemade and cool. The phrase “cheap halloween costume ideas” increased 305 percent this year, and the term “adult halloween costume” increased 336 percent.

The site that got most of the traffic is with 34 percent of all U.S. traffic.

I have to ask you – what are you going dressed as this Halloween? Does your workplace encourage dressing up? It’s no secret I’m a fan of Google and they go all out for this holiday. I’ve even heard that job applicants dress up in costume for interviews at Google.

I dressed up last year and I believe I was the ONLY one in the entire company. I’ve been at some startups where Halloween was the company holiday. People really got into it. As for this year – it’s going to be Marge Simpson if I can find the right color blue dye for my beehive wig.

Here are some examples of geeks dressed up in original costumes to help inspire you:

Ghost of technology past

Google Tube Guy

iPod People

another ipoder

Geeks trying to get kisses (reminds me of this story)

snail guy


    I’m all about sexy halloween costumes…

    What do you think…Can I top these?

    Maxim’s sexy halloween costumes! Oo la la! hahaha

  • “‘adult halloween costume’ increased 336 percent”


    Thanks for the Hitwise link!

  • I just wrote a short article about this myself and included an image of one of my writer’s costumes from last year.

  • I’d like to go as one of Jack the ripper’s victims. Saw a documentary yesterday and his modus operandi was pretty gruesome. How should i do it, Any ideas anyone?

  • Nice pic. Google trends also shows seasonal spikes in keyphrases. Valentines day and halloween are just a few examples.