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“The best way to succeed is to have a really great product” – Seth Godin

Google lives by the philosophy that products lead marketing. Just like you know you’ve hit it big when other people create and maintain your MySpace page for you, you also know it when your customers do your marketing for you. It’s ironic that a company that provides advertising and marketing services for businesses doesn’t actually spend much time advertising their business.

According to an article in ReportonBusiness, they’ve sold more than $30-billion in advertising since 2001. But it wasn’t with expensive advertising. In fact if you don’t live in a major city or in California you probably haven’t seen or heard any ads for Google at all – except for online. Instead, Google puts money into development and hiring talented employees. Other online companies have built similar empires with little advertising – they spread virally. YouTube, MySpace and Facebook all take this approach.

The former way was to spend big on television ads, print, and other advertising. Google is glowingly optimistic about their approach to marketing, saying it could change marketing itself. A quote from an article at says:

“We are at an inflection point that could radically change the way marketing is done,” said David Lawee, head of marketing at Google.

Another way Google succeeds is to deliver relevancy. They try to match up content with advertising, not to plaster ads everywhere to everyone. There is permission-based marketing where customers agree to hear from you rather than be forced to. Targeting ads and getting permission to market to your customers drastically improves results.

Google has risen so high so quickly they are now one of the world’s most valuable brand. These statistics are not entirely new, as Google has been ranked at the top before, but they are incredible none the less: “Consulting firm Millward Brown Optimor estimates Google’s brand is worth $66 billion and calls it the world’s most valuable. A separate study by Interbrand estimated the brand’s value at $17.8 billion and ranked it 20th in the world.”

And now for an example of a Google advertisement. I have to ask – would you let your engineers make your ads?? Watch the Goog-411 ad on YouTube (Google’s own free advertising medium).

  • Actually, it is brilliant. Why spend money when you really do not need to? Google is doing very well for all its stake holders thank you!

  • What your customers say about you always carries more weight than what you say about yourself. Google was able to appeal to the right audience that spread the word for them.

    They didn’t need to spend money advertising.