Marketing Pilgrim's "Video" Channel

Marketing Pilgrim's Video Channel is sponsored by Trackur. is Ready for Failure Launch

image After months of hype and positioning, NBC/News Corp-back is ready to launch–and we assume ready to fail.

Hey, we’re not suggesting the YouTube and Joost online video rival is going to be bad, but even their CEO warned us to expect failure. Fortunately, they also expect to "fail fast"–something Mike Moran would approve of.

As part of today’s beta launch, Hulu has announced new deals with Sony Pictures and MGM Studios. According to Reuters…

…Hulu will offer about 90 TV shows from the four companies and smaller partners ranging from current prime-time hits such as "Heroes" and "The Simpsons" to vintage shows "Miami Vice" and "The A-Team."

It will also make about 10 feature films available including "The Breakfast Club" and "The Blues Brothers."

Video Sharing–the legal way

What’s cool about Hulu is that it will allow you to share and embed its content. In fact, you’ll be able to share specific video clips. According to the web site…

Hulu lets you easily share your favorite videos via email or embed them on your own website. You can even choose to share the entire video or just one scene. By selecting the share or embed feature, you have the option of selecting your own start and stop point in a video to create your own fun video clips.


Sadly, we’ve not yet seen the beta, so that’s about as much as we can share. If you’ve given it a test drive, leave us your thoughts below. Thanks!