Posted October 5, 2007 12:04 am by with 4 comments

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It seems some of the blogosphere’s A-list have come-out and admitted they’re virgins–Virgin America flyers, that is.

Check out the latest online promotional cartoon for Virgin America’s Virgin Americans and see if you can spot the famous bloggers: Xeni Jardin, Cory Doctrow, David Pescovitz, and Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing; Pete Rojas of Engadget; Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose of Diggnation.

Video not loading? Watch it here instead.

  • Music Software

    Talk about a catchy head line. You win hands down with this one. My admiring congratulations to you.

  • money maker

    haha what a linkbait title man! i totally fell for it

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  • Chris [TK]

    cool commercial, but I guess will only been seen on the internet :)