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If you can’t get into Technorati’s Top 100 list, you can just wait for another list to come along. Techmeme is challenging the Technorati list by producing one of their own, TechCrunch reports.

Instead of relying on the number of links to a site–the Technorati way–the Techmeme Leaderboard focuses on the number of headlines over the previous 30 days.

To be exact, top blogs will be ranked on presence – ?the percentage of headline space a source occupies over the 30-day period.? Discussion links are not taken into consideration – only full headlines are counted.

I’m excited to see Marketing Pilgrim make the list at number 87! That’s a great reward for all of the great content our writers publish and our readers who share it with their peers. Having already made the AdAge Top 150 marketing blogs–we’re in the top 10–this is a great accolade to add to the list.

The official list should go live today. In the meantime, Dave Winer has a copy.

Update: The Techmeme Leaderboard is now live:

Marketing Pilgrim on the Techmeme Leaderboard