Posted October 4, 2007 11:14 am by with 3 comments

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I’m somewhat puzzled as to why Microsoft is happy to show us previews of changes to Live Search Maps, but they’re still weeks away from launching them. I guess they’ve watched Steve Jobs expertly create buzz for Apple and thought we’d all get just as worked-up about some maps.

Well, if you’re the kind that gets pumped thinking about online maps, I have some eye-candy for you!

1. Compress the directions you don’t actually need. If you already know how to get out of your sub-division, you can minimize that part of the directions.


2. MSFT adds features to avoid bad traffic.


3. Holding a dinner party? Your guests can get directions from North, South, East, and…erm, what’s the other one? 😉


Of course, if you can’t wait, you can always use Google Maps, which already has many of these features.

  • It’s like announcing a video game that’ll come out to the market in a few months, although nobody cares about msn’s live search maps.

  • This could be about generating buzz, but I suppose it could also be to put it out there and see what reaction they get so they know if they should or shouldn’t include something.

    Lets face it, with all the reviews they’ll get from this preview they’ll get some good feedback which they might be able to include before the release.

  • Here in Turkey live maps offers best map information and I always use it, google maps has even missed even some cities:)
    btw, with live maps traffic thing release google announces that their google transit has graduate from labs, (whatever that means for enduser)