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Netizens Trust Each Other for Product Recommendations

Nielsen has released a survey of 26,486 web users from around the world and discovered that we all prefer the recommendations of others over advertising. Shocker! ;-)

  • 78% of survey respondents trust recommendations from other consumers.
  • Newspapers came second with 63%, and online opinions third with 61%.
  • Search engine ads (34%), banner ads (26%), and mobile text ads (18%) made up the least trusted.
  • American’s trusted blogs more than any other country, with 66% of us trusting blogs for product and service recommendations.
  • The countries most likely to trust advertising? The Philippines (67%), Brazil (67%) and Mexico (66%).
  • Meanwhile the Danes don’t trust any advertising (28%).

Read the full report for more juicy stats.

Hat-tip E-consultancy.

  • Bushido

    In my opinion, the best thing is to read here and there, analyze different opinions and then make a choice. Don’t trust any single source blindly.

  • Steven Bradley

    Wow people prefer recommendations. Shocking indeed.

    I think it’s interesting that ads on a search engine are trusted almost twice as much as an ad on a mobile device. I’d imagine a lot of that has to do with mobile still being new and people not yet ready for the ads.

    I also find it interesting that Americans are the most trusting when it comes to blogs. Are we also responsible for creating the most blogs? Are we just reading more blogs?

  • Karen Zara

    Being from Brazil, I find this survey’s results very strange. Most people over here actually tend to poke fun at ads. Of course there are those who’ll trust advertising; still I doubt those high numbers.