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It’s a twist when one of the top newspapers in the country buys an online lead generation firm, but that’s what The Washington Post did. They acquired CourseAdvisor, a company that matches students with university programs. Basically the company does online lead generation for the education industry. The price was undisclosed.

The Washington Post already invested in CourseAdvisor in 2006. Here’s the tie-in though. The Washington Post also owns Kaplan, a company that preps college students on entrance exams for college and graduate schools. CourseAdvisor is based in Wakefield, Mass. and was founded in 2004.

Newspapers have had a tough time as circulation and profits continue to fall. Their second-quarter earnings this August dropped to $68.8 million for the quarter. But total revenue was up to $1 billion from $969 million. The Post however owns other media companies including Newsweek magazine and the online magazine Slate.

Education is a growing industry, and is up 23 percent to $503 million in the second quarter, from $409 million a year ago.

The Washington Business Journal reports that CourseAdvisor will act as an independent subsidiary of The Washington Post Co.

  • Back to the bad old days of M&As? What relationships are there between a newspaper and the other two? The other two at least show some logic to each other, but for a newspaper to own both? Defies logic.

  • it is a smart move, there are many useful websites for technology related stuff but education lags behind, I experienced that myself when trying to pickup colleges that fit my needs and my budget.
    easy informative portal with updated content would be more than helpful.
    and yes, universities pay a lot for ads, in AdWords ‘Online MBA’ is a top paying keyword:)

  • Acquiring the leading daily in terms of finding the best students as well as preparing the students to get the good position in all the way. It does not seem unreasonable to suggest that it’s a nice move by the newspapers. Because educational activities are the best way out to spread the business in all the way in the world. It’s a good business strategy for all to expose along with making it proper and precise in all the way among the students and the interested pupils. Thanks for sharing the innovative ideas.