Googlism – Worshipping the Google god

When in extreme profound adoration or reverence to something, people are known devote a lot of time and attention to it. Religion is one of those areas. And if you’re wondering what this has to do with online marketing I’ll get to the point. Some people worship Google and one has started a church about it called The Google Church.

Is Google God? It asks. Is God female? I ask. I’m not going to take that on, but in the Church of Google she is. She organizes the world’s information. She is everywhere. She is always expanding. She doesn’t forget either (a trait I love mostly and hate sometimes). We turn to her when we are in need or want answers.

Linky Goodness, October 3

Okay, so today’s linky goodness is really just the news bites (bytes?) that I couldn’t say enough about to post on their own.

Oh, that’s kind of sad, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we still love you, little linky goodnesses.

Yahoo/BlueLithium Gets FTC Approval

yahoo_purple.gifJust one month after their announcement, the $300 million Yahoo cash acquisition of BlueLithium is given the go ahead by the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. regulating body that . . . regulates . . . things like this. notes that the BlueLithium+RightMedia+SmartAds combination could be especially potent:

San Jose, CA-based BlueLithium will bring a few additional services to Yahoo, on top of those that the internet portal also gained from its $680 million purchase of Right Media and its own ad targeting program SmartAds—behavioral targeting tied to users’ interests; remarketing ads to users who have previously interacted with an ad or web page; custom segmentation; and spot buying.

Microsoft to Offer Small Business SEM Education

Microsoft Office Live Small Business offers a suite of services to help small businesses register domains, put up websites, direct PPC campaigns and establish a presence on the Internet. And now they’re offering search engine marketing services and education.

In the announcement today, Microsoft said they’ve reached an agreement with The Search Agency to add search engine marketing services to their Office Live Small Business offerings. Microsoft explains their logic:

“As more and more small businesses get online, marketing their Web sites is crucial to business success,” said Baris Cetinok, director of project management and marketing for Office Live Small Business at Microsoft Corp. “Our goal is to make search engine marketing and optimization accessible to the small-business owner who recognizes their importance but may not be sure where to start.”

Google Privacy Concerns in Germany

Last week Google and Microsoft were at Senate hearings in the US about Google’s plan to buy DoubleClick. Google is to spend $3.1 billion in a deal that was first announced in April. This week the news is focused on the same deal in Germany.

According to Google the acquisition will enable more innovation and competition. It will help businesses and consumers. Microsoft is crying monopoly and there are frequent concerns from Microsoft and others about privacy. And there is the now-famous and UPS/FedEx analogy.

This is the way Google put it: we sell ads, Doubleclick delivers ads. In Germany the data protection commissioner of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein doesn’t agree. He is opposing the deal.

Alaska Airlines Testing In-Flight Internet Access

Alaska Airlines will be the first U.S. airline carrier to test satellite internet service on their flights. The wireless internet will be tested on one plane. If that goes well all 114 of their planes will get the service.

The airline, based in Seattle, is getting broadband service from a company called Row 44 Inc. They’ll put the service on a Boeing 737 jet next spring. The connection will hold over water and across international borders. They fly to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.

You’ll be able to connect your laptop or smart phones. What will the service cost? That is still being worked out. They are still researching the cost, even considering free service for some passengers to a day pass.

Google Cleanup Starts Local Goes Global

Google is showing the rest of the world how to be model corporate citizens. It’s encouraging to see their dedication to social issues like the environment. They have just announced International Cleanup Weekend on October 13-14th. That’s next Saturday and Sunday.

The project started with Google employees. They cleaned up local beaches, parks, and trails in California and tracked their progress using My Maps. Now it’s a much bigger effort. They have partnered with community action organizations in fifteen countries to encourage the same thing on a bigger scale. I envision the same thing again in April for Earth Day. No word if it will be an annual event.