Blogger Enables Subscribe to Comments via Email

Just yesterday it seems (okay, to my knowledge it really was yesterday) that the only way to subscribe to comments on a Blogger or Blogspot blog was to click on the link posted at the bottom of all post pages:
old subscribe to comments from blogger

But now on the Blogger comments window, they’ve added a new option, if you’re signed in:

blogger email subscribe to comments

Subscribe to Comments is one of the most-requested WordPress plugins. Now it looks like Google has integrated that popular feature into its blog software.

If you’re hoping to turn this off for your Blogger-based blog, for now it looks like you’re out of luck. There doesn’t appear to be any control over the setting in Blogger. However, rest assured that only signed-in users can subscribe to comments.

NBC Getting Things Right

It’s time we recognize some of the things people are doing right (aside from buying 1.6% of Facebook).

NBC’s The Office Social Network Takes Off

It’s hard to go anywhere on Facebook without seeing an app based on the popular sitcom, The Office. NBC has started to capitalize on this social currency with a social network of its own. Launched last month, the social networking site, Dunder Mifflin Infinity

But the 12.5% conversion rate isn't the only impressive stat the network can boast. According to MediaPost,

NBC must have known that “The Office” had a highly engaged audience when a newsletter promoting its new site was met with a 73% unique open rate and a 56% unique click-through rate.

So maybe not everything NBC touches withers and dies.

Facebook Feeding Frenzy

More Investor Cash for Facebook

Yesterday we learned that Microsoft bought 1.6% of Facebook for $240 Million. Today there is another large investment – it’s been rumored that Facebook got an additional $500 million from two New York hedge funds. Part of that deal is that Microsoft will do more advertising on the site. Facebook has a jaw-dropping $15 billion valuation. This is incredible. Together the new investments are for about the percentage that Microsoft owns.

Elizabeth Corcoran from Forbes Magazine broke the story yesterday and the news spread faster than the California wildfires (which, thank goodness, are slowing).

Facebook was seeking $750 million from the get-go and are at $740 and have only given up about 5% of the company. And we don’t know their revenue but it’s based on advertising. Estimates put their revenue at $100 million for last year.

Digg for Greens = Hugg

Here’s a niche social network you’ve probably never heard of – it’s like Digg for environmentally friendly stories. That means you can vote for stories and try to promote them to the top of the list. Hugg is a green version of Digg and they even tout that in their of their taglines – It’s Digg for Green. If you go there you’ll find environmentally friendly stories videos, and links. Plus you can share green information with the community of other like-minded [tree] Huggers.

So far the community looks small. The first story is “Top 10 Amazing Facts about Animals.” This is a niche community which is perfect if your business or blog fits. Google loves relevant links, so it’s a great way to get a targeted link and the site has a PageRank of 6. There should be a niche community like this for more topics.

Pilgrim’s Picks for October 25

I know the whole world is talking Microsoft/Facebook, but there’s more going on today.

Mike Moran Suggests "Do It Wrong Quickly" – Google Agrees

image Mike Moran is back with another book. Co-author of "Search Engine Marketing, Inc.," Moran’s new book is called "Do It Wrong Quickly" (aff) and looks at how great businesses benefit from experimenting and adapting.

Here’s the book outline:

The book is divided into three sections. It opens with a discussion of how marketing shifts from monologue to conversation, and introduces the pivotal concept that customers are now active participants in creating marketing messages.

  • Moran advises on how to listen intently and respond to customers, while describing the new social media spaces where they are congregating: blogs, vlogs, wikis, podcasts, digital video, FaceBook, Flickr, Digg, Google, YouTube, etc.
  • He shares specific examples of companies that have embraced the do it wrong quickly philosophy, pointing to a range of industries such as apparel, consumer electronics and car manufacturing.

Why Microsoft Needed Facebook & Google Didn’t

image So, after weeks of speculation, Microsoft won the battle over Facebook, with Google second, and Yahoo embarrassingly nowhere to be seen. While it may seem that Google’s lost momentum–by not partnering with Facebook–I see it more as a sign that Microsoft knew Facebook was its only hope.

Let me explain.

Social networks are hot, hot, hot, right now. It doesn’t really matter which one you prefer–MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, or Dogster–social networks are the next evolutionary step in the growth of the internet. Now that we’ve all learned to check our email, order online, research restaurants, and read news, we’re starting to use the web to connect with each other. We’ve realized that we enjoy making connections, sharing our random thoughts, and turning our friends into virtual zombies. Social networking is the second generation internet.