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While you were working, an interesting exchange happened over the blogosphere. It seems TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington and Silicon Alley Insider’s Henry Blodget are having a war of words.

You might ask what this has to do with internet marketing, but I think you’ll find the exchange of interest.

First up, Blodget put up his thoughts on Google’s share price hitting $2000, giving it a market cap of $750+ billion.

Then Michael Arrington decided to voice his disdain for Blodget and his reckless valuation.

Not long after, Blodget blogged that he believed TechCrunch could sell for more than $100 million, possibly to CNET.

Lastly, Arrington (with tongue in cheek) took back his criticism of Blodget.

So, which do you think is more likely to happen? Google will reach $2000 a share, or TechCrunch will sell for $100+ million?

  • tpiddy

    don’t you mean 750 billion?

  • LOL, Nah, they’re going to tank! 😉


  • Dean

    If Google ever reaches $2000/share I’ll eat my shoe on Marketing Pilgrim TV 😉

  • DeanisDumb

    Dean you better bust out your knife and fork ya dummy.

  • TechCrunch for $100M, hands down.

  • I predict google will hit 2000 per share within 5 years.

  • @Dean – I’ll record it in HD!
    @Dan – I’d go with that. Assuming no stock split.

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  • Isn’t Google already at $2,000? Seems like every time I turn around their stock reaches a new high.

    It’s a tough call since both seem out of immediate reach, but at some point I assume at some point Google stock could get to $2k (assuming no stock split). How soon I’d have no idea and my guess is the stock would split before hitting $2k.

  • I think Tech Crunch will reach to $100M+ due to its sole popularity in the blogosphere….

  • It seems Google trying to hit googol in its market cap 🙂