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More platform rumors are flying this week. After the success of Facebook’s platform, it seems like everyone and their social network is scrambling to get their own version out. We’ve already seen rumors about Google’s and MySpace’s intentions. Today, the MySpace rumors are called into question and Bebo rumors start.

Bebo logoBebo: Assuring Its Dominance
Read/Write Web reports from “a couple reliable sources” and “a Bebo investor” that the most popular social networking site in the UK, Bebo, is working on a developer platform, which it plans to call a “platform API.” RWW notes that with the rumored launches, the “‘platform wars’ will be well and truly on.”

As the most popular social networking site in the UK and other parts of the Commonwealth, Bebo could assure its dominance with a successful platform. However, the platform would have to be pretty revolutionary to help Bebo gain a more substantial market share. Worldwide, Bebo lags behind MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Friendster and Orkut, so they have plenty of room to grow.

MySpace: Not So Much?
MySpace, on the other hand, may not be have a developer platform pending after all. Well, it’s pending, but it’s not coming soon. The big announcement coming up will be about the MySpace instant messaging client, according to Valleywag.

Speaking of this announcement, CNET warns:

It’s important to take this rumor with a grain of salt: Valleywag is first and foremost a Silicon Valley gossip publication. Additionally, this could be infused with a bit of TechCrunch-Valleywag rivalry, with one eager to debunk the other; it’s no secret that the two blogs have a bit of friction between them.

If all the rumors are true, a delay in the platform could seriously damage its eventual acceptance by the community—either MySpace users or developers. This is not the best way to assure your dominance when an up-and-coming rival has had its own platform for months.

  • application platform is very smart move for social networks, look at most successful apps, some of those are ones the developers team had never thought about. but also apps may add some discomfort to the network, on facebook i get notifications like ‘name surname has written on your superwall’ and to see what s/he has written i have to add the app, but when i add it it comes out that that person had not written anything to me, but just added the app but the app send a note to all contacts of that person saying s/he has written something to them. when i add that app to see what s/he written to me the app sends all my contacts that note, and continues like this.
    this really is crap and pisses of many visitors.
    new platform developers should consider misuse of platform by third party app developers.

  • It would be awesome if all of them have unified platform API.

  • Facebook platform looks so cheap.

  • They are loosing their traffic.

  • I liked facebook interface
    its neat

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