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Mrs. Beal wanted to share with you what she thinks is one of the cutest, search engine interfaces “evah”. While RedZee might not win any awards for search results–and the Zebra might get annoying after a while–it’s certainly cool enough for a Friday mention.


  • That is pretty cool… thank you Mrs Beal!

  • Dean

    If you can’t wow ’em with your technology, play the “mascot card”. Classic Marketing 101 😉

  • Maybe we need a mascot. 😉

  • I agree, the mascot is pretty cool.

    Too bad the technology doesn’t match. We used to have an account with them. The traffic was HORRIBLE! Not many positive reviews in the ‘sphere last I looked (but that was a while ago. It’s possible they’ve become better). I gave up on them.

    MP should get a mascot! Even though mascots aren’t always a good idea. I’m sure you can think of a good one.

  • @ Eloi Casali – I’m glad you liked it, too! 🙂
    @ Dean & Andy – Yes! Yes! I agree, Marketing Pilgrim should play the mascot card…How about a Dachshund wearing a pilgrim hat? 😉

  • Jason Haddock

    Some mascots out live their businesses. Remember the sock puppet dog. He went on to have more success than the website ever had.

  • Don

    The mascot is cute, but too bad the company is horrible to work with. The had a sales call with me and tried to convince me that Google was now selling its top organic positions, and Redzee happened to have space available for my industry! Oh Goodie! Too bad I’d need their adware to see the results. Do yourself a favor, if you’re working with them, close your account. If you’re not, please don’t start.

  • @Jason & Don – thanks for the advice.

  • I totally agree Andy. Redzee has the cutest mascot ever. But as the others have said the search engine has been rather infamous in its operational strategy. I wrote an article a while back reviewing the search engine and its strategy… it was rather revealing in a frightening way:

    Hopefully I will get a chance to buy you a drink at PubCon Andy.

  • My wife loves that Zebra.

    We here around the office call it the red devil.

    “Look at the cute Zebra, pay the SERPs no mind”

    hehe, very fitting for Friday indeed.

  • Scott
  • Pretty mascot i’m agree. But it’s just good for one funny search. After we will all return to the rude google reality…

  • hehe its lovely:) not a best thing for a logo but again:)

  • @Scott – what have I told you about trying to “do” marketing? 😉

  • It’s pretty cool! If their algo is as good as that weird zebra-meets-giraffe pet they got going on Google should watch out! 😀

  • Norm

    Zebra is pretty cool! I like the new 2.0 search function on RedZee. Has anyone else seen it? With the new results you are able to preview all the websites that have to do with the search term you entered. You can then flip through all of them. On the down side, the results take longer to load than on engines like Google and Yahoo. Any thoughts on RedZee 2.0???

  • Norm, I’m sure your intentions are good but sometimes comments just look and smell like Spam. It’s not like RedZee hasn’t tried comment spam before.

  • Norm

    Just trying to get some feedback Jason, sorry about that. (<— I hope you read the sarcasm in that!) I have read plenty of articles on RedZee’s top 3 program and know all about it. I was just merely asking for some opinions from others on this new search function, not on the top 3 program or anything like that. I’m sorry that unlike you I don’t feel like publishing my website link on here, I get plenty of calls from search engines like redzee and from web guys looking for my money that I don’t need anymore of them. Look, if you don’t want me coming here for your opinions thats fine, have a great day. If thats not the case, then can someone give me their educated opinion on the new search rather than asking me if I am spamming your board. Thanks.