Posted October 18, 2007 11:49 am by with 3 comments

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In-game advertising really seems to be gaining some traction at the moment, and British Government intelligence organization, GCHQ, have taken the step of buying in game billboards to try and attract computer savvy graduates to consider becoming spies.

While the move isn’t quite as bold and the US military’s ‘America’s Army’ where a whole game and community has been developed to aid recruitment, it definitely shows more companies & organizations exploring the possibilities of in-game advertising.

GCHQ are using advertisement mimicking real world billboards within Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent on x-Box Live and across a number of other games including Rainbow Six: Vegas, Need for Speed Carbon & Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

The campaign has been masterminded by digital recruitment strategists TMP who have also been plugging away on a secondlife recruitment fair which is going on as we speak.

Time will tell whether experiments like this will have a positive ROI, but as a way to get people get your brand across to people who might not be consuming conventional media it certainly seems appealing.

  • There are going to be a lot of 13 year-old boys peeing their Y-fronts at the thought of being James Bond. 😉

  • and 24 year olds too!

  • Was it really that hard to find out you can brainwash teenagers through video games? Ha ha, seriously though, great news!