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It seems that banner ads continue to get a bad rap. But if you have a great offer–and clever message–you can still attract attention. is ahead of the pack with this banner ad running on


(Actual ad is animated)

I’m online all day, which means I’m conditioned to ignore ads. I also have no interest in women’s shoes. Still, credit to Endless for getting my attention with their offer to pay me $5 to ship their shoes overnight.

Have you spotted any great ads recently? 

  • Hi Andy,

    Frankly, I do not find this ad to be really enticing. Though the offer is really attractive, but the visuals do not make it attractive at all.

    I think if they could have put up a different visual, this ad could have become interesting and difficult to ignore.


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  • Aaron

    Endless is owned by Amazon, and they do sell men’s (and children’s) shoes. I believe this offer is part of their effort to build market share over Zappos.

  • @Aaron – thanks for the extra info. They needed something extreme in order to compete with the excellent service of Zappos.

  • Dan Perry

    The new Virgin American ad (mentioned on your site earlier) was so good, I forwarded to my boss. It’s the first time I can remember forwarding an ad.

  • Now, call me a nit picker, but technically its the promotional incentive that caught your eye, not the design or copy writing…I guess I assumed thats what you’d be getting at from the title of the post. That said, it IS an excellent incentive, and in terms of driving customer interest, nothing beats a good incentive.

    The recent offers for “Zero Cash Down” deposits on New Condo’s in Vancouver and Calgary are a great example of that….the firs thing a developer does when he senses a downturn in the market is to try and create hype through promotional incentives.

  • Jordan McCollum

    And yet the incentive is part of the banner. It’s not like they hid the incentive, or only told you when you arrived on the site: it’s the entire message of the banner ad.

    And I have to admit . . . I clicked when the offer came in my email (even though I hate hearing from Amazon).

  • After consideration I’ve kept my ads very very clean looking. I wanted it to be easy to see when skiming over content.

  • I don’t like it – honestly…

    the ad text makes you think “hey – what the… I think I read it wrong”… – so I think it makes you wonder if you read it well, and makes you read it again [just to be sure].

    it’s a good technique, but… I don’t find it so enticing 🙂

  • My browser, Maxthon, blocks most of the ads agressively anyway but I sometimes find myself visiting adversiters sites just because their banner grabbed my attention. VCars banner that used to be here on MP was one example of that.