Top Ten Lies a PR Firm Will Tell You

It’s funny that it takes a PR firm to reveal the top lies PR firms tell their clients. BlinnPR has done just that with the following list:

  1. “This is such a terrific product/service!”
  2. “Your account is in the best possible hands…”
  3. “Our agency has deep experience with technology companies like yours.”
  4. “We’re doing all that we are supposed to do.”
  5. “We know Web 2.0″
  6. “We have great relationships with (insert high profile reporters’ names here)”
  7. “We have affiliate offices all over the world.”
  8. “We offer highly-targeted strategic public relations.”
  9. “We do a great job taking advantage of the news cycle.”
  10. “It’s not our fault, your product/service just isn’t all that compelling.”

Any of those sound familiar? Of course, you could probably take that list and apply it to any marketing channel, not just PR.

For the full details take a look at the BlinnPR release.

And, what do we know about BlinnPR?

BlinnPR effectively combines the focus of a boutique public relations agency — working smarter, faster and more efficiently — with the senior- level staff experience of a large agency.

Our people have counseled clients through financial and product communications crises; developed public relations campaigns that cut through marketplace clutter helping clients increase sales and position corporations and government agencies to be innovative leaders in their space. In short, our public relations practitioners have a single-minded focus on ensuring the long-term success for our clients.

Our services span many dimensions, from developing local, national and overseas public relations campaigns to audience-specific outreach efforts. The creation of the full range of marketing materials and broadcast public relations services are all part of the BlinnPR public relations repertoire.

Can we trust a single word of it? ;-)

PS. If you issue a press release without a link to your company site, don’t expect a link from a blogger. Sheesh, who sends out a release without the company URL?


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