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The always-progressive UC Berkeley is claiming to be the first university to post classes on YouTube. They have over 200 videos added so far. The school says they are the first to do this. The videos are at The site starts a video that’s an advertisement for the school and the page is in UC Berkeley colors.

They plan to continue to add videos of classes on the site. So far there are plenty of science courses: chemistry, physics, and biology. There are a few search-engine technology courses. That is where I’ll spend my time! One was given in 2005 by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. He spoke about how he is surprised that Wikipedia works so well and then about the transition to when search rankings started to matter to people.

I was also interested in the videos from the graduate school of journalism and world famous poets reading their work.

It looks like they started posting the videos last month. How will this affect teaching when the whole world can listen and rate you? And comment. At first, I thought it was a way for students to review classes and for people to learn. It is that. But it’s also obvious that UC Berkeley is trying to attract new students by showcasing some of the best minds in academia.

Who will be next?

  • actually youtube was not best place to post that videos in terms of resolution and quality.
    BTW, Is Sergey Brin lecturer at Berkeley?

  • I just commented on another post how I rarely seek out videos. I think I would look for the Berkley lectures if I was interested enough in the lecture.

    But I agree with Water Portal that the resolution and quality of YouTube might not be the best for this kind of video.

  • I wonder what’s next. getting a degree from UC Berkley online to?

    but it’s a good initiative, i would like to see more how such school is being taught, a great marketing idea to get more students perhaps