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Andy just wrote about how the majority of people in the US trust blogs for product recommendations. Smart entrepreneurs and businesses are noting that and finding ways to sell their products by getting some blog publicity.

I’m a big fan of the Unusual Business Ideas that Work blog. A recent post showed how blog publicity works well for a fashion designer named Sang A.

Celebrity blogs need fresh content and pictures of stars. Whatever fashions they are captured wearing can quickly become the rage. Sang A was savvy to the fact that bloggers are impacting the fashion industry.

So when Jessica Simpson was spotted in West Hollywood with Sang A’s “jade” purse in blue python, bloggers posted the picture. And her $1576 handbag started selling. That’s a low end model because prices for the bags can go to $15,000.

Even with those products, she’s on a budget so she relies on blogs not only to promote the bags, but to get feedback about them. Fashion publications get the attention of bloggers by linking to them. I’m sure this is nothing new, but judging from the trust that bloggers have in their respective niches, it will probably grow more popular.

  • Keith Mcglew

    An interesting ploy on behalf of the fashion designers and it will surly grow, but, and here’s the reality. Who is the blogger, and what are their motives for pushing (marketing) such items.

    Lets look at the explosion of counterfeit goods available on the web, just go to any eBay web site around the globe and you can be ripped off within a blink of the cursor. eBay promotes such activity, why because they get paid for supporting the counterfeit trade in the shape of fee’s, a good scam if you can get in on it.

    Now a whole industry has sprung up around eBay’s fraud support business, take the web site, they are here to “authenticate” designer goods, and as a potential scammer if you pay Angie Houston she will add you as a recommended retailer.

    A quick scan down the list of her trusted retailers looks promising, but once you start to delve deeper you can find out quite a few of these so called “trusted retailers” are domiciled in either China or Taiwan.

    How can someone such as Angie Houston recommend retailers as authentic when she never ever touches the merchandise with her spiteful greedy talons, yet her web spin claims she is the self appointed Internet consumer advocate, the only thing she or her dubious peers advocate is a quick buck to deposit in the bank. (yes I did say buck).

    Caveat Emptor (Latin for buyer beware!! VERY AWARE)

  • It’s interesting to see that the new “invisible hand” are now blogs.

  • nice

  • The best interactive media is becoming blogs. Which is essential for democracy in all areas including fashion.

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  • cool post Janet, you can never under estimate the power of the bloggers especially the quality one’s that are in your niche.

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  • I agree. Blogging is definitely the newest marketing tool in town.

    It’s mindblowing to think about the potential of blogs, or what blogging will be like 5-10 years from now.

    Great blog btw, more power!!!

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