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If there’s one thing that we like to do at Marketing Pilgrim, it’s inject a little fun with the news we serve each day. Still, even I’m left wondering if a recent article on Google by the UK’s The Sunday Times goes too far with its humor.

The actual article content is pretty good–especially if you enjoy reading about the potential “big brother” conspiracy theory. Still, I cringed at all of the juvenile humor injected into the piece…

…the dome-headed maths nerds are facing their first big setback…

[Marissa Mayer] is annoyingly young “32” and, even more annoyingly, wealthy – worth hundreds of millions of pounds…

…She does her best to deflect the wealth issue by wearing flats, a studiously plain grey-black dress, and a $50 plastic watch – a combination that shrieks: “I know you know I’m a zillionaire, but please treat me as just one of the girls.”…

The young, fast-talking blonde is the firm’s poster girl…

…she says in her curiously giggly voice.

…when Brin and Page were graduate students messing about with algorithms at Stanford University, California, when they should have been out getting laid.

I could go on, but you get the idea that the Times is shooting for “Valleywag” humor, but instead hitting “MAD” comic-book standards.

What do you think? Uber cool writing from a newspaper, or a very lame attempt to sound cool?

  • Jordan McCollum

    Y’know, I’m not sure exactly how this issue goes in British culture, but I sure do hate to hear a 32 year old, successful woman referred to as a “girl.” Repeatedly.

    They actually sound really jealous to me. They’re annoyed that she’s 32, they’re annoyed that she’s got money, they’re annoyed that she’s not flaunting it . . . yeah. Mature.

  • The word lame is plastered all over the article – least expected from a “reputed” newspaper!

  • Disgusting is how I’d describe it.

    Would they refer to a guy as a “blonde”…what does the hair color have to do with her success?

    And what does it matter that she’s not wearing an expensive watch? What’s it to them? Who cares?

    When I lived in London, one observation I found is that some Brits to be overly concerned with brand names and price tags of watches, clothing, etc. That article just reinforces how stupid that is.

  • I read the article in the magazine (real, dead-wood version) on Sunday and I was torn. On the one hand, I liked the fact that major media was writing about something I know and care about, but on the other hand, I had exactly the same thoughts you did, Andy.

    @Jordan: I don’t think calling a 32 year old a girl is a normal think in British culture any more than it would be for you – it certainly sounds weird to me (though many people would self-reference that way: “treat me as just one of the girls” is a very common phrase if she were to actually say it!)

    @Sheila: it’s interesting to hear your point of view. I actually find London to be *less* bad than some other areas of the UK (or at least the people I hang out with in London!). I wonder how much it is a function of cliques rather than geography. Having said that, I’ve never lived in another country, so I’m a bad person to judge.

    It really annoys me that they are annoyed by success. A bit of gentle jealousy I can understand, but it read a little socialist for my liking…

  • hey there, in british culture (and most of the world – well certainly the western!) calling a successful (obviously pretty too) 32 year old lady a girl is not only patronising but really says more about the person who actually wrote it (calling sigmund….). it does sound like jealousy or perhaps moreso bent up sexual issues! perhaps the journalist has now managed to get laid……………!