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htc-gphone Forbes is keeping the Google GPhone speculation going with the suggestion that Google could turn to little-known cell phone manufacturer, HTC.

As we’ve already speculated ourselves, it makes sense for Google to focus on the phone software and let someone else take care of the actual phone hardware. Remember Google, doesn’t want to be a manufacturer.

Forbes suggests that HTC is being discussed as a partner “behind closed doors.” They also suspect that Google may have a wide range of phone providers at launch.

…even if a Google-HTC partnership materializes, HTC would likely be one of several Google hardware partners. Industry sources say China’s e28, a fast-growing Linux smart phone specialist, could also grab a piece of the action. Taiwanese electronics conglomerate Hon Hai and Korea’s Samsung are also mentioned.

You’ve probably never heard of HTC cell phones before. I hadn’t until SES San Jose, when my friend (& MP writer) Jason West showed me his HTC phone. Living in Australia, Jason’s a step closer to the hottest Asian technology and his phone was very impressive. An HTC GPhone could be a hot product!

  • Many people use HTC phones without knowing it. For example, the cingular 2125 (the phone I’m using) is an HTC phone.

  • Seems that Marketingpilgrim and Forbes are keeping the GPhone “speculation going”
    Check out the Forbes URL … ?partner=marketingpilgrim

  • @Kevin – I added that for tracking. Maybe if we get on their radar, they might add us an official partner. 😉

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  • i still cant believe it, will it be something like iphone, large screen and everything, or just another smartphone but with google mobile apps preinstalled.

  • Don’t know much about what technology it sould have, but it should definitely be white. 😛

  • First of all HTC is well-known cell phone manufacturer, the second is that it’s too late to change device manufacturer, it was LG, it is LG and it will be LG.

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  • If it’s just as nifty as the iPhone and half as much money, I’ll buy one regardless of manufacturer.

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  • Do a little research online and you will find that HTC has been manufacturing phones for a decade and has made billions of dollars.

    They make phone for everybody.

  • I don’t doubt that HTC is a big manufacturer of cell phones. They’re just not well known–at least not in the US.

  • Tim

    A lot of people know about HTC in the US. Its just the cell phone companies take HTC off and put their name on it, like AT&T with the 8125, 8525, and the new 8925 (Tilt), T-Mobile MDA, Sprint Mogul, and More. The make the best windows mobile phones, I cant live without mine.