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Just last week Microsoft launched their new search interface, now Yahoo joins in with their rollout of Search Assist and a new results format.

Search Assist was first spotted back in July and provides a smarter way to suggest search queries to users. With Search Assist, simply start typing a search and it runs in the background, just waiting to show-off. Hesitate, pause your search, struggle to get the correct spelling, and Search Assist appears to save the day.

Here’s a search for Britney…now, what is her last name?


Yahoo explains Search Assist will help reduce what it calls “Web search fatigue”.

[A Harris] study revealed that while 99 percent of online adults use a search engine to find information on the Internet, a mere 15 percent of them find what they’re looking for with their first search, with most needing to conduct three to four searches.

Along with Search Assist, the search engine enhances it search results format by bringing in audio, video and photos directly. Here’s how a search for the movie “Kingdom” looks…


This upgrade keeps Yahoo in step with Google, Ask, and Microsoft–all have launched similar interface upgrades. As with Microsoft’s launch last week, the question is, has Yahoo done enough to win over new searchers?

  • Steven Bradley

    Better late than never. Search assist is pretty cool. I like it better than what I see from other engines.

  • ScottUA

    It seems like the search engines are REALLY competing hard to provide users with a better search experience. I think of all those commercials which demonstrate how users can preview websites without having to spend time clicking on each link. Wonder what’ll come next.

  • Robert

    Personally I think it’s great. For far too long we’ve been a slave to google. I think that with these “3D” versions of search the user will be able to disqualify a lot of sites by taking a preview look at the site.

    Possibly we will see the end of blackhat SEO?

  • Cindy

    I have used it and while it is helpful, it may distract customers. This changes our whole PPC campaign for our website. It will help streamline searches but also eliminate the unique (specific) searches that result in high cpa rates.

  • Omad

    I personally like it and prefer it over the others.

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  • E-marketing company

    Nice update.

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