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yahoo_purple.gifYahoo announces today that they have come to an agreement with Telefonica, a Madrid-based mobile phone company with affiliated networks around the world, to provide “global mobile services.” The services will reach Telefonica’s 100 million customers worldwide.

As part of the agreement, Yahoo’s mobile oneSearch will be the default search on Telefonica’s mobile portal in Ireland, the UK, and Latin America—in 15 countries in all.

In addition to search results, the deal also covers mobile usage of Flickr and Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail will be integrated with Telefonica’s extant Mail Express service. Users will also be able to receive their Yahoo Mail directly to their phone as MMS (multimedia message service).

With Flickr, Telefonica subscribers will be able to access the site and, it seems, upload photos:

The inclusion of Flickr in Telefonica’s mobile services will allow customers to easily view and share their photos, view their friends’ pictures, view and create comments on photos and browse or search more than one billion images posted by the Flickr service, all from the mobile phones.

I’m guessing that they meant to say that Telefonica users can do all that from their mobile phones, and not that Flickr’s 1 billion images are all from mobile phones…. [Update: Yahoo has confirmed my guess. I knew you’d want to know.]

Telefonica provides services or partners with networks in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. However, Yahoo has already partnered with networks in many countries that Telefonica operates in—in June, they announced a partnership with several Asian networks to bring their services to 100 million people. Launched in the US in March, Yahoo oneSearch expanded to the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain in May of this year.

The press release of this announcement is available online.

  • Trying to compete Nokia on its field? I don’t think so…