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image 2007 was supposed to be the year of mobile content, but it’s shaping-up to be the year of the online video.

YouTube is rolling out a new AdSense enabled video player that can be embedded into any web site. After a slow start, Google’s making up for lost time with this second YouTube announcement in six weeks.

Just like the existing customized YouTube players, you can select which channels to show or let Google target the videos based on your site’s content. The ads appear to run at the top of the YouTube player, keeping them in view but not annoyingly so.

Not everyone will see the new AdSense options. Here’s the YouTube page for the custom player–if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll see the screen below:


Hat-tip and image credit to Darren Rowse.

  • Some people are going to make a lot of money off this. I wonder what the original authors and copyright holders think of that. 😉

  • Jeremy, I’m sure they’ll be very happy to know someone else is profiting off their work.

    This does seem like the next logical step for both YouTube and AdSense and I imagine some will do well with it and most won’t.

  • They could just stop uploading their videos to YouTube. Or start embedding their own ad overlays. 😉

  • Hi Andy
    This is great to here this will be a great chance for some to really make some bucks from it.

    Take care

  • a big part of youtube content is copyrighted materials, and if all that material will be romoved from youtube, youtube wont be a yotube anymoere:)

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  • WOW! That’ll definitely push individual site owners to re-broadcast videos that other people have made. Does this mean that you split the profits with YOuTube?

  • @ScottUA – It will work much the same way as AdSense – so yes a profit split if you will.

  • I’ve got the same advertisement on my blog. Offering “free quality content” almost sounds like a bribe if you ask me. I’ve heard the same thing time time again and my adsense ads STILL are not relevant to my site! LMAO….what will they come up with next….free candy for a year to all little children who will post adsense on their myspace page?

  • Cool…that’ll be great!

  • Can someone really tell me, do you think that the opportunity to make money from this form of adsence is going to generate some really money/cash for the average Joe?

  • I’ve been banned from adsense with more than 1k earnings accused click fraud. And I swear to God or anything I never clicking my own ads. Now I can’t be with adsense anymore…

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