Posted November 5, 2007 10:22 am by with 2 comments

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There are a lot of announcements expected at today’s start of Ad:Tech, so let’s kick off with MySpace.

The company is not content to live off the ad revenue it gets from its partnership with Google so is launching "SelfServe by MySpace"–an advertising network for display (banner) ads.

TechCrunch has the details…

The new tool will enable users to select from a number of ad targeting factors such as geographic, demographic, and various user interest categories. The service will be ready for use by early 2008. The minimum advertisement purchase size is $10; pricing will be based on a click to the advertiser’s profile and will be auction based once it gets going (to start things off, MySpace will charge a fixed CPC based on the category).

MySpace has even built a tool to help advertisers to quickly build display ads using MySpace content. Here’s a peek, thanks to TC:


In addition to SelfServe, MySpace is also expected to announce the launch of "HyperTargeting" (apparently their are nowordswithspacesatmyspace). HyperTargeting will allow advertisers to buy ads targeted to specific interest groups–just as you’d expect with the name.

  • Zen

    They could also offer official MySpace Widgets (like photoslides) for a small price and make a bundle out of that. Just thinking aloud…

  • MySpace has been huge for few years now, they should have done this long ago. Looking at low CRT on Facebook it smells like MySpace and other social networks are will not be first places advertisers will go to.