Posted November 5, 2007 10:54 am by with 3 comments

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image will today announce the launch of its Snap Shots Ad Network. You may recall that Snap offers the link mouse-over pop-ups–briefly tested by us last year–designed to show you the location of a link before you actually click on it.

With its launch of its Snap Shot ads, you’ll be able to buy ads that will use content from the page a user is on, plus content from the link a user mouses over, to present contextually relevant ads.

Advertisers will be able to tap into the 2 million sites that currently use Snap Shots. Ads are available in just 3 formats–simple banners, text, rich media–and will be served using DoubleClick’s Dart platform.


  • As an end user I’ve usually found these ads more annoying than anything else, but I have seen some insist they work well for the publisher. Usually they just seem to get in the way when I want to click on a link.

  • I wonder what Snap preview rate is. On Techcrunch for example, most links have snap preview but what I wonder is what is preview rate of those shots. Like how many people visiting that page or clicking on that link do a Snap preview? I never do.

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